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Title: CCD Photometry of the Open Cluster BE 69
Authors: Pandey, A. K
Durgapal, A. K
Bhatt, B. C
Mohan, V
Mahra, H. S
Keywords: CCD photometry;Open clusters
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: International Astronomical Union
Citation: IAU Symposium, No. 174, pp. 339 - 340
Abstract: The morphological features of CMDs of Be 69 are better understood in terms of convective overshooting.The Comparison of CMDs with the convective overshoot models (Bertelli et al. 1994)produces a good fit for metallicity Z=0.008, age=0.8, 1.0 billion yr and (m-M)=14.3, which corresponds to a distence of 2860 pc.
ISSN: 0074-1809
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