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  • Tarafdar, S. P (Astronomical Society of India, 1974-03)
  • Varma, R. K; Pandey, B. P (Astronomical Society of India, 1996)
  • Kamath, K; Bhattacharyya, S; Dhar, V. K; Darzi, M. A; Kaul, S. R; Kaul, R. K; Koul, R; Sahayanathan, S; Tickoo, A. K; Wani, A. M; Bhat, C. L (Astronomical Society of India, 2002)
    An ultra-sensitive, multidetector wide angle atmospheric Cerenkov telescope array is being set up at Mt. Abu for cosnic gamma-ray studies in tens of TeV energy region. The design features of the Cerenkov light detector, ...
  • Morel, T; Marchenko, S. V; Pati, A. K; Kuppuswamy, K; Carini, M. T (Astronomical Society of India, 2003)
    We present preliminary results of a long-term spectroscopic monitoring of a sample of bright OB-supergiants aimed at establishing the incidence of co-rotating, large-scale wind structures by detecting rotationally modulated ...
  • Narlikar, J. V (Astronomical Society of India, 1973)
  • Patnaik, A; Narasimha, D (Astronomical Society of India, 1993)
    The Jodrell Bank 5 GHz sky survey provides a complete flux-limited sample of radio sources at latitude greater than 2.5 deg which are brighter than 200 mJy and have a spectrum flatter than 0.5. From the analysis of nearly ...
  • Kembhavi, A. K; Barway, Sudhanshu; Ravi Kumar, C. D (Astronomical Society of India, 2005-06)
    We describe in this paper the surface photometry of a set of lenticular galaxies. We then consider important correlations between morphological parameters of the bulges of lenticulars and other types of galaxies
  • Giridhar, S; Arellano Ferro, A; Mathias, P (Astronomical Society of India, 2001)
    Our abundance analysis of this post-AGB candidate star confirms that the HD 172481 is indeed a post-AGB star. It belongs to an important, but relatively rare class of post-AGB stars showing Li I features in their spectra. ...
  • Moreno, H. W. B (Astronomical Society of India, 1920)
  • Moreno, H. W. B (Astronomical Society of India, 1918)
  • Moreno, H. W. B (Astronomical Society of India, 1919)
  • Lee, W. A (Astronomical Society of India, 1915)
  • Shylaja, B. S (Astronomical Society of India, 1997)
  • Raju, K. P; Srikanth, R; Singh, J (Astronomical Society of India, 1999)
    Supergranulation is the surface manifestation of large scale solar convection. Since there is a strong correspondence between supergranulation pattern and Ca K chromospheric network, lifetimes and sizes may be obtained ...
  • Ivanov, V. P; Kjurkchieva, D. P; Srinivasa Rao, M (Astronomical Society of India, 2010-09)
    We propose a procedure for light-curve solutions of eclipsing binary stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) for which photometric data have been obtained in the framework of the OGLE project. We also present a way of ...
  • Kulkarni, A. G; Abhyankar, K. D (Astronomical Society of India, 1977-12)
  • Gupta, S. K (Astronomical Society of India, 1979-09)
    The light curves of the delta Scuti star variable 38 Cnc, which is a member of the Praesepe cluster, have been analysed using the techniques of periodogram analysis and least square solutions. The star pulsates in the ...
  • Abhyankar, K. D; Panchatsaram, T (Astronomical Society of India, 1982-12)
    An analysis of the minimum-time data of AK Her and ER Ori revelas possible sinudodal variations in their orbital periods. In the case of AK Her we suspect two additional components; one of mass 0.2 to 0.4 MSun with a period ...
  • Jain, D; Panchapakesan, N; Mahajan, S; Bhatia, V. B (Astronomical Society of India, 2000)
    Identification of gravitationally lensed Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) in the BATSE 4B catalog can be used to constrain the average redshift <z> of the GRBs. Here we calculate an upper limit to <z>, independent of the physical ...
  • Ashok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K (Astronomical Society of India, 2002-12)
    Measurements of atmospheric seeing for the Mount Abu Infrared Observatory, Gurusikhar are presented. Observations made with a differential image motion monitor, between 6 December 1999 to 28 April 2000, give an ...

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