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  • Peterson, L. E (Astronomical Society of India, 1974-09)
  • Rani Deka, I; Duorah, K; Duorah, H. L (Astronomical Society of India, 1996)
  • Yadav, J. S; Agrawal, P. C; Paul, B; Rao, A. R; Vahia, M. N; Seetha, S; Kasturirangan, K (Astronomical Society of India, 1999)
    The light curves of the galactic superluminal X-ray transient source GRS1915+105 observed with the pointed proportional counters (PPC) of Indian X-ray Astronomy Experiment (IXAE)on board IRS-P3 have revealed the presence ...
  • Bhardwaj, A (Astronomical Society of India, 2003)
    X-ray emissions from Jupiter, discovered by Einstein observatory and followed up by ROSAT, have been thought to be excited by energetic and highly charged sulphur and oxygen ions precipitating from the inner magnetosphere ...
  • Naik, S; Agrawal, P. C; Paul, B; Rao, A. R; Seetha, S; Kasturirangan, K (Astronomical Society of India, 2000)
    The observations of X-ray transient XTE J1748-288 were made in the energy band 2 - 18 keV with the Indian X-ray astronomy experiment (IXAE) during 1998, June 14-25 with total useful exposure of 27,100 second for 1 sec ...
  • Pandey, U. S (Astronomical Society of India, 1990)
    It is suggested that structure in the outer parts of the accretion disk of low-mass X-ray binaries may be due to tidal action of the secondary which is overflowing its Roche lobe. These structures at various phases may ...
  • Mukherjee, U; Paul, B (Astronomical Society of India, 2003)
    We present analysis of X-ray spectra of the accreting pulsar GX 301-2, from two observations with the Chandra X-ray observatory made during different phases of its orbital period. Analysis of the zeroth order ACIS spectra ...
  • Singh, K. P (Astronomical Society of India, 1993)
    X-ray emission from clusters of galaxies is due to thermal Bremsstrahlung from a hot thin gas in the intergalactic medium. The gas is generally considered to be smoothly distributed with a size of approximately 3 Mpc. X-ray ...
  • Saraswat, P (Astronomical Society of India, 1993)
  • Gupta, K. G (Astronomical Society of Indian, 1989-09)
    The yake effect in the 56 cm and the 38 cm pyrex mirrors of the Uttar Pradesh State Observatory is described. Similar effects elsewhere are also discussed.
  • Kilambi, G. C (Astronomical Society of India, 1983-12)
    The evolutionary nature of the young galactic clusters, from both observational as well as theoretical points of view, is briefly discussed. In addition, some of the interesting properties of the individual objects associated ...
  • Piskunov, A. E (Astronomical Society of India, 2001)
  • Sapre, A. K; Nashine, R; Mishra, V. D (Astronomical Society of India, 1999)
    The θ-z test devised by Burbidge et al, (1972, 1990) may serve as a powerful test to decide the reality or otherwise of the physical association hypothesis for the QSO-bright galaxy close pairs with discrepant redshifts. ...

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