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  • Deguchi, S (Astronomical Society of India, 1995)
    The past, present and future of radio astronomy in Japan are described form the author's personal view point. The radio astronomy in Japan is quickly growing in terms of the telescope size, the budget scale, and the total ...
  • Ashok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K (Astronomical Society of India, 2003)
    Near-IR spectroscopic observations are reported for the enigmatic, nova-like, variable V445 Puppis. The near-IR spectra are hydrogen-deficient and unusually rich in CI lines. The spectra indicate that the object could be ...
  • Chitre, S. M (Astronomical Society of India, 1973)
  • Alurkar, S. K (Astronomical Society of India, 1997)
  • Mitchell, J (Astronomical Society of India, 1915)
  • Venkatavaradan, V. S (Astronomical Society of India, 1975-03)
  • Dwarakanath, K. S (Astronomical Society of India, 2004-09)
    high latitude HI 21 cm-line absorption survey towards extragalactic sources was recently completed using the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT). A total of 104 sources with |b|>15o and with a 21 cm ¤ux density greater ...
  • Das, M (Astronomical Society of India, 2000)
    In more than half of all observed spiral galaxies, the central molecular gas is distributed in a bar. Since gas is a dissipative fluid, it will tend to settle along closed orbits in the plane of a galaxy. Simulations of ...
  • Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C (Astronomical Society of India, 2001)
    We have studied the kinematics of Vega-like stars in the solar neighbourhood. Space velocities are computed for 80 Vega-like stars. We analyse the space velocities of these stars in connection with the young stellar ...
  • Livingston, W; Harvey, J; Doe, L. A; Gillespie, B; Ladd, G (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, 1980-06)
    Multi-slit spectra of (Fe XIV 5303) plus neon comparisons were successfully obtained on February 16, 1980 at the Japal-Rangapur site. The objective is to confirm our previous results of March 1970 and June 1973, viz. that ...
  • Venkatakrishnan, P; Narayanan, R. S (Astronomical Society of India, 1991)
    Laboratory experiments performance to evaluate the sensitivity of the polarimeter of the Kodaikanal vector magnetograph. The polarimeter does not produce significant cross talk and has a sensitivity of about 1 percent polarization
  • Tarafdar, S. P (Astronomical Society of India, 1974-03)
  • Varma, R. K; Pandey, B. P (Astronomical Society of India, 1996)
  • Kamath, K; Bhattacharyya, S; Dhar, V. K; Darzi, M. A; Kaul, S. R; Kaul, R. K; Koul, R; Sahayanathan, S; Tickoo, A. K; Wani, A. M; Bhat, C. L (Astronomical Society of India, 2002)
    An ultra-sensitive, multidetector wide angle atmospheric Cerenkov telescope array is being set up at Mt. Abu for cosnic gamma-ray studies in tens of TeV energy region. The design features of the Cerenkov light detector, ...
  • Morel, T; Marchenko, S. V; Pati, A. K; Kuppuswamy, K; Carini, M. T (Astronomical Society of India, 2003)
    We present preliminary results of a long-term spectroscopic monitoring of a sample of bright OB-supergiants aimed at establishing the incidence of co-rotating, large-scale wind structures by detecting rotationally modulated ...
  • Narlikar, J. V (Astronomical Society of India, 1973)
  • Patnaik, A; Narasimha, D (Astronomical Society of India, 1993)
    The Jodrell Bank 5 GHz sky survey provides a complete flux-limited sample of radio sources at latitude greater than 2.5 deg which are brighter than 200 mJy and have a spectrum flatter than 0.5. From the analysis of nearly ...
  • Kembhavi, A. K; Barway, Sudhanshu; Ravi Kumar, C. D (Astronomical Society of India, 2005-06)
    We describe in this paper the surface photometry of a set of lenticular galaxies. We then consider important correlations between morphological parameters of the bulges of lenticulars and other types of galaxies
  • Giridhar, S; Arellano Ferro, A; Mathias, P (Astronomical Society of India, 2001)
    Our abundance analysis of this post-AGB candidate star confirms that the HD 172481 is indeed a post-AGB star. It belongs to an important, but relatively rare class of post-AGB stars showing Li I features in their spectra. ...
  • Moreno, H. W. B (Astronomical Society of India, 1920)

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