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Title: The Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope: Mechanical Design
Authors: Pati, A. K
Mahesh, P. K
Nagabhushana, S
Subramanian, V. K
Keywords: Telescope;Mechanical;Space;Thermal;Structure
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol. 31, No. 3&4, pp. 479 - 482
Abstract: The Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) is one of the major scientific instruments on the proposed ASTROSAT mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation. The design of a telescope to meet the scientific requirements within the weight and volume constraints of the satellite bus has been a major challenge. The design has also to meet the qualification levels for launch into orbit as well as the thermal environment in orbit. Here we present the overall design of the UVIT mechanical structure with details of some critical aspects.
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