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dc.contributor.authorResmi, L-
dc.contributor.authorBhattacharya, D-
dc.identifier.citationBASI, Vol. 31, No. 3&4, pp. 353 - 355en
dc.description.abstractWe consider particle acceleration near ultra relativistic shocks (shock p 1) and the distribution of accelerated particles in the shock downstream. We suggest that the electron energy spectrum will settle mp into an "universal" power law with index p 2.2 above an "injection break" at e = i m shock, and e will be flatter at lower energies. The synchrotron radiation spectrum arising from these electrons is computed for a decelerating relativistic fireball. We show that this model can account well for the observed spectra and lightcurves of Gamma Ray Burst Afterglows.en
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dc.publisherAstronomical Society of Indiaen
dc.subjectGRB afterglowen
dc.subjectSpectral indexen
dc.subjectParticle accelerationen
dc.titleEnergy and Radiation Spectrum of Electrons in Ultra-relativistic Shocks of GRB Afterglowsen
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