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Title: HD 12098 a new far-northern roAp star
Authors: Girish, V
Joshi, S
Seetha, S
Ashoka, B. N
Martinez, P
Chaubey, U. S
Gupta, S. K
Kurtz, D. W
Sagar, R
Keywords: Chemically peculiar;roAp;Star:Ap;Star:HD12098
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 305 - 307
Abstract: The rapidly oscillating Ap (roAp) stars are cool, magnetic, chemically peculiar stars which pulsate in non-radial p-modes in the period range 4-16 min and have Johnson B amplitudes less than 8 mmag. "The NainiTal-Cape survey" to search for and study new roAp stars in the northern hemisphere was initiated in 1998 in collaboration between ISAC & UPSO from India and SAAO & UCT from South Africa. HD12098 is the first roAp star discovered in this survey and also the first far northern hemisphere roAp star. During the initial observations the star showed modulation in the pulsation amplitude indicating the multi-periodicity of pulsations. The multi-periodicity may be either due to the excitation of different modes or due to the rotation of the star. In order to resolve these frequencies HD12098 was observed extensively in October 2000. The preliminary results of these observations are presented here.
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