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Title: Computer Network - based data acquisition and control system for the imaging element of the TACTIC array
Authors: Kanda, A
Koul, R
Bhatt, N
Kaul, S. R
Keywords: Control system;TACTIC array
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 319 - 321
Abstract: An interrupt-driven distributed Data AcQuisition and Control System (DAQCS) has been developed for the Imaging Element of the 4-element gamma-ray telescope array, TACTIC. A network of PCs, running the QNX RTOS, have been coupled to the front-end CAMAC-based instrumentation modules. Single-point monitoring and control from a designated node with an elaborate GUI has greatly facilitated the operation of the telescope and its sophisticated, multi-pixel imaging camera.
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