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Title: The PHEMU97 catalogue of observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter
Authors: Arlot, J. -E
Thuillot, T
Ruatti, C
Akasawa, A
Baroni, S
Beisker, W
Berthier, J
Blanco, C
Boonstra, J
Bourgeois, J
Bulder, H
Casas, R
Castano, J. G
Colas, F
Collins, D
Cuypers, J
Czech, W
D'Ambrosio, V
Denzau, H
Descamps, P
Dimitrescu, A
Dinakarian, N
Dourneau, G
Enriquez, J. M
Fernandez, J. M
Fernandez-Barba, D
Flatres, T
Goncalves, M
Guhl, K
Helmer, G
Hirose, T
Irsmambetova, T. R
Krobusek, B. A
Lecacheux, J
Le Campion, J.-F
Lou, M
Mallama, A
Nelson, P
Okura, N
Park, J
Pauwels, T
Pluchino, S
Priban, V
Rapaport, M
Sacré, J.-J
Salvaggio, F
Sanchez, M. A
Sanchez-Bajo, F
Stefanescu, G
Tanga, P
Tejfel, V. G
Trisan, J. L
Trunkovsky, E. M
Vandenbulcke, G
Vasundhara, R
Vass, G
Vingerhoets, P
Vu, D. T
Wilds, R. T
Keywords: Eclipses;Occultations;Astrometry;Astronomical data bases;Miscellaneous
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.451, No. 2, pp.733 - 737
Abstract: In 1997 the Sun and the Earth passed through the equatorial plane of Jupiter and therefore through the orbital planes of its main satellites. During this period, mutual eclipses and occultations occurred and were observed. We investigate the precision of the catalogue to produce improved data for the development of dynamical models. Light curves of mutual eclipses and occultations were recorded by the observers of the international campaign PHEMU97 organized by the Institut de Mécanique Céleste, Paris, France. We made 275 observations of 148 mutual events from 42 sites. For each observation, information is given about the telescope, the receiver, the site and the observational conditions. This paper gathers together the data and gives a first estimate of the precision. The catalogue of these rare events represents a collection of improved accurate astrometric data useful for the development of dynamical models.
Description: Marchis, F
Navarro, M. A. S
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