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Title: The discovery of fluorine in cool extreme helium stars
Authors: Pandey, G
Keywords: Stars: abundances;Stars: chemically peculiar;Stars: evolution
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2006
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal: Letters, Vol. 648, No. 2, Pt. 2, pp. L143 - L146
Abstract: Neutral fluorine (F I) lines are identified in the optical spectra of cool extreme helium (EHe) stars. These are the first F I lines identified in a star's spectrum, and they provide the first measurement of fluorine abundances in EHe stars. The results show that fluorine is overabundant in EHe stars. The overabundance of fluorine provides us with evidence for the synthesis of fluorine in these stars, which is discussed in light of asymptotic giant branch evolution and the expectation from accretion of an He white dwarf by a C-O white dwarf.
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