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  • Raju, P. K; Dwivedi, B. N; Gupta, A. K (Springer, 1994-02)
    Line intensity ratios of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) emission lines from Na VII and Al IX have been considered for electron density and temperature determinations within the chromosphere-corona transition region and the ...
  • Parthasarathy, M; Pottasch, S. R; Wamsteker, W (European Southern Observatory, 1988-09)
    Low resolution (6 A) IUE ultraviolet spectra of the high galactic latitude F supergiants HD 161796 (F3 Ib) and HD 187885 (F2-3I) are analyzed. The UV spectrum (1250 A to 3250 A) of HD 161796 shows no excess UV flux ...
  • Kameswara Rao, N; Venugopal, V. R (Indian Academy of Sciences, 1985-06)
    The absolute magnitude M(v) of the hydrogen deficient binary Upsilon Sgr has been estimated as -4.8 + or - 1.0 from the distribution of the interstellar reddening, polarization, and interstellar lines of the surrounding ...
  • Gilra, D. P; Wesselius, P. R; Kameswara Rao, N (European Space Agency, 1980)
    IUE and ANS observations of the 'hot' companions of o Ceti є Aur, and  Pup are briefly discussed. Observations of HD 62001, the central star of the nebula VV 1-7 are also reported. The nebula VV 1-7 which is present on ...

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