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  • Rastogi, R. G; Iyer, K. N; Sharma, R. P (Indian Academy of Sciences, 1977-06)
    Observations of Faraday rotation of beacon signals from low orbiting satellite BE-B recorded at one station near the dip equator (Kodaikanal, dip 3·4° N) and at another station near the peak of the equatorial anomaly ...
  • Sastri, J. H; Murthy, B. S (D.Reidel Publishing Co.,, 1975-04)
    Geomagnetic crochets (sfe) observed at Kodaikanal over the period 1966-71 have been studied in relation to solar X-ray bursts observed by NRL satellite (SOLRAD-9) in the 0.5-3 A, 1-8 A and 8-20 A bands and radio bursts ...
  • Ghosh, K. K; Soundararajaperumal, S (Blackwell Publishing, 1992-02)
    Exosat observations (0.1-10 keV) of the radio-loud quasar 1928 + 73, which displays superluminal motion, were made at four epochs between 1983/283 and 1984/009, and spectra of this source are obtained from the Exosat ...

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