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  • Sivaraman, K. R; Livingston, W. C (D. Reidel Publishing Co.,, 1982-10)
    Although the Ca ii K232 network is known to be cospatial with magnetic elements there has been doubt as to the magnetic origin of the fainter K2V points. We demonstrate that weak magnetic elements also lie at the roots of ...
  • Sivaraman, K. R; Bagare, S. P; Gupta, S. S; Kariyappa, R (Springer, 1987-07)
    The intimate association between the surface magnetic fields and the Ca II K-line emission known to exist on the Sun, holds a promise for using this property to detect the presence of global magnetic fields on Sun-like ...
  • Parthasarathy, M; Lambert, D. L; Tomkin, J (Royal Astronomical Society, 1979-02)
  • Bappu, M. K. V; Sivaraman, K. R (Royal Astronomical Society, 1977-02)
    K-emission line widths measured with a micrometer on integrated spectra of the sun have a mean value of 38.2 km/s. A definition is proposed whereby the width is a measure in km/s at the inverse-e value of the difference ...
  • Sivaraman, K. R (The American Astronomical Society, 1982-03)
    The K2V/K2R asymmetry in the self-reversed emission peaks of the Ca II K line in the sun is the result of the redward displacement of K3. This redward displacement is explained as caused by the dark condensations in K3 and ...
  • Singh, J; Nagabhushana, B. S; Babu, G. S. D; Uddin, Wahab (Springer, 1994-08)
    To study the evolution of large convective cells known as supergranules, a solar telescope was set up at Maitri, Indian permanent station in Antarctica region, during the local summer months (December 1989 through March ...
  • Kariyappa, R; Sivaraman, K. R (Springer, 1994-06)
    From a large sample of the Kodaikanal spectroheliograms in the Ca II K line we have studied the variations in the intensity of the network elements over two solar cycles and have estimated their contribution to the overall ...

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