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  • Mayya, Y. D (The American Astronomical Society, 1994-10)
    Photometry in BVR continuum bands and in the emission line of H-alpha+(N II) are presented for a sample of H II complexes in disk, spiral arm and nuclear regions of galaxies NGC 1365, 1566, 2366, 2903, 2997, 3351, 4303, ...
  • Samal, M. R; Pandey, A. K; Ojha, D. K; Ghosh, S. K; Kulkarni, V. K; Kusakabe, N; Tamura, M; Bhatt, B. C; Thompson, M. A; Sagar, R (The American Astronomical Society, 2010-05)
    We present multiwavelength investigation of morphology, physical-environment, stellar contents, and star formation activity in the vicinity of star-forming region Sh 2-100. It is found that the Sh 2-100 region contains ...
  • Ghosh, K. K; Apparao, K. M. V; Tarafdar, S. P (American Astronomical Society, 1989-09)
    During routine monitoring of the Be star HR 4123 during the year 1987-1988, a burst of H-alpha emission was observed on May 11, 1987. The increase was observed on May 9 and lasted until June 7, peaking to an equivalent ...
  • Deshpande, A. A; Sastry, Ch. V (European Southern Observatory, 1986-05)
    Radio continuum absorption observations at 34.5 MHz with a spatial resolution of 34 x 48 arcmin have been obtained for the giant H II region complex W 51 with the decameter-wave radio telescope at Gauribidanur, India (13 ...

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