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  • Balona, L. A; Böhm, T; Foing, B. H; Ghosh, K. K; Janot-Pacheco, E; Krisciunas, K; Lagrange, A. M; Lawson, W. A; James, S. D; Baudrand, J; Catala, C; Dreux, M; Felenbok, P; Hearnshaw, J. B (Royal Astronomical Society, 1996-08)
    We present data from high-dispersion echelle spectra and simultaneous uvby photometry for γ Doradus. These data were obtained from several sites during 1994 November as part of the MUSICOS-94 campaign. The star has two ...
  • Collier Cameron, A; Walter, F. M; Vilhu, O; Böhm, T; Catala, C; Char, S; Clarke, F. J; Felenbok, P; Foing, B. H; Ghosh, K. K; Hao, J; Huang, L; Jackson, D. A; Janot-Pacheco, E; Jiang, S; Lagrange, A. M; Suntzeff, N; Zhai, D. S (The Royal Astronomical Society, 1999-09)
    We present time-resolved optical spectroscopy and broad-band photometry of the rapidly rotating southern K0 dwarf star AB Doradus, obtained during 1994 November. The data were obtained as part of a collaboration dedicated ...

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