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  • Omont, A; Gilmore, G. F; Alard, C; Aracil, B; August, T; Baliyan, K; Beaulieu, S; Begon, S; Bertou, X; Blommaert, J. A. D. L; Borsenberger, J; Burgdorf, M; Caillaud, B; Cesarsky, C; Chitre, A; Copet, E; de Batz, B; Egan, M. P; Egret, D; Epchtein, N; Felli, M; Fouque, P; Ganesh, S; Genzel, R; Glass, I. S; Gredel, R; Groenewegen, M. A. T; Guglielmo, F; Habing, H. J; Hennebelle, P; Jiang, B; Joshi, U. C; Kimeswenger, S; Messineo, M; Miville-Deschenes, M. A; Moneti, A; Morris, M; Ojha, D. K; Ortiz, R; Ott, S; Parthasarathy, M; Perault, M; Price, S. D; Robin, A. C; Schultheis, M; Schuller, F; Simon, G; Soive, A; Testi, L; Teyssier, D; Tiphene, D; Unavane, M; van Loon, J. T; Wyse, R (EDP Sciences, 2003-06)
    The ISOGAL project is an infrared survey of specific regions sampling the Galactic Plane selected to provide information on Galactic structure, stellar populations, stellar mass-loss and the recent star formation history ...

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