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  • Moradi, H; Baldner, C; Birch, A. C; Braun, D. C; Cameron, R. H; Duvall, T. L; Gizon, L; Haber, D; Hanasoge, S. M; Hindman, B. W; Jackiewicz, J; Khomenko, E; Komm, R; Rajaguru, S. P; Rempel, M; Roth, M; Schlichenmaier, R; Schunker, H; Spruit, H. C; Strassmeier, K. G; Thompson, M. J; Zharkov, S (Springer, 2010-11)
    While sunspots are easily observed at the solar surface, determining their subsurface structure is not trivial. There are two main hypotheses for the subsurface structure of sunspots: the monolithic model and the cluster ...

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