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Dec-1857Occultation of the Pleiades observed at Madras, 6th October, 1857Jacob, W.S
Apr-1858Extract of a Letter from Captain Jacob to Sir William Keith Murray.Jacob, W. S
Jul-1858Note from Capt. Jacob to the Editor, relative to the Ternary star 5 I LibraeJacob, W. S
Dec-1858Micrometrical measures of 120 double or multiple stars, taken at the honourable East India company's observatory at Madras in the years 1856-58Jacob, W. S
Dec-1858Catalogue of 317 stars selected from the B.A. Catalogue (being such as were supposed to have large proper motions), deduced from Observations made at the Honourable E. L Company's Observatory at Madras in the Years 1853-7Jacob, W. S
1859On the determination of personal equation by observations of the projected image of the sunRagoonatha Chary, C
Apr-1859Right ascension and north polar distance of the minor planets, from Observations made at the Madras Observatory in the years 1853-1857Jacob, W. S
Jul-1859Note on the triplicity of v ScorpiiJacob, W. S
Oct-1859Note from Capt. W. S. Jacob to the editorJacob, W. S
Nov-1859Extract of a letter, dated Dec. 9th, from W. S. Jacob, Esq., to one of the secretariesJacob, W. S
Apr-1860Account of the performance of Mr. Fletcher's new equatorealJacob, W. S
Apr-1860Note respecting the parallax of alpha herculisJacob, W. S
Jun-1861On the ring of Saturn and on Jupiter's satellitesJacob, W. S
Nov-1861On the ring of Saturn and on Jupiter's SatellitesJacob, W. S
Jan-1862Note on two drawings of SaturnJacob, W.S
1868Occultations visible in the month of august, 1868, at Madras, and along the shadow path of the total eclipse of the sun in IndiaRagoonatha Chary, C
1871On the total eclipse of the sun, on december the 11th, 1871, as visible in the Madras presidencyRagoonatha Chary, C
12-Jan-1872Election of the fellows of the society, 1872Royal Astronomical Society
1874Transit of VenusRagoonatha Chary, C
1874Transit of venus (In Kannada )Ragoonatha Chary, C