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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997CCD Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse of October 24, 1995Verma, V. K; Wahab Uddin; Gaur, V. P; Joshi, G. C; Bondal, K. R
Mar-1983Double ribbon flare of 1981 October 19Verma, V. K; Pande, M. C
1998Eruption of twisted filament, associated flare and transient phenomenaUddin, W; Verma, V. K
Dec-2002Estimation of Fried's Parameter From Specklegrams of Solar FeaturesSridharan, R; Venkatakrishnan, P; Verma, V. K
Jun-1983On the Activation of a Quiescent ProminenceVerma, V. K
Sep-1985On the dependence of solar flare occurrence on sunspot polarityVerma, V. K; Shelke, R. N
Mar-1985On the location of Solar Active LongitudesShelke, R. N; Verma, V. K
1988On the periodicity of solar great hard X-ray bursts, energic solar radio bursts and sunspot dataVerma, V. K; Joshi, G. C
1988Possibility of occurrence of solar proton flares in relation to other phenomenaUddin, W; Pande, M. C; Verma, V. K
1998Proposed 60-cm multichannel Solar Vacuum Telescope of UPSO, Naini TalVerma, V. K; Uddin, W; Gaur, V. P
1998Solar observational programs and facilities at UPSO, Naini TalGaur, V. P; Verma, V. K; Uddin, W
2003Study of Three Homologous Solar Flares Observed from Active Region NOAA 9033 on 12th June 2000Verma, V. K; Vats, H. O
2000Surge activities on November 26-28, 1990Uddin, W; Verma, V. K
Sep-1982Surge prominence of 1981 November 19Verma, V. K; Pande, M. C
Jun-1985Time delay between H-alpha and soft x-ray emissions during solar flaresVerma, V. K; Pande, M. C
1996Total solar eclipse observations of 24 October 1995 from Meja Khas, AllahabadVerma, V. K; Uddin, W; Gaur, V. P; Joshi, G. C; Bondal, K. R; Pant, P
Mar-1983Twisted surge of 1981 December 25Verma, V. K