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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Computer simulation of cosmic ray trajectories in near earth spaceSingh, R. K; Vahia, M. N; Durgaprasad, N
2003Control and Operation of SOXS High Energy DetectorJanawlekar, S. B; Malkar, J. P; Rao, A. R; Vadawale, S. V; Vahia, M. N; Umapathy, C. N
1993Cosmic gamma ray bursts -- recent developmentsVahia, M. N
1999Energy dependence of x-ray pulse profile of the crab pulsarMukerjee, K; Agrawal, P. C; Paul, B; Rao, A. R; Vahia, M. N; Yadav, J. S; Seetha, S; Kasturirangan, K
1999Hint of a galactic origin for a sub-population of extremely short and hard cosmic gamma-ray burstsShanthi, K; Rao, A. R; Bhat, C. L; Vahia, M. N
Mar-2005Mass limit on NemesisBhalerao, V; Vahia, M. N
1993Observations of sub-iron (Sc-Cr) to iron (Fe) abundance ratios in the low energy (30-300 MeV/N) galactic cosmic rays in Spacelab-3 experiment and their implicationsBiswas, S; Durgaprasad, N; Singh, R. K; Vahia, M. N; Yadav, J. S; Dutta, A; Goswami, J. N
1988Particle emission from SunVahia, M. N
1988Peculiar abundances in Solar particle emissionsVahia, M. N
2000Science from "Solar X-ray Spectrometer (SOXS)" - Proposed payload onboard Indian satelliteJain, R; Rao, A. R; Deshpande, M. R; Dwivedi, B. N; Manoharan, P. K; Seetha, S; Vahia, M. N; Vats, H. O; Venkatakrishnan, P
2003Search for periodicities in distribution of orbits of planetsVahia, M. N; Mahajani, P; Rao, A. R
1999X-ray bursts from GRS 1915+105 observed with IXAEYadav, J. S; Agrawal, P. C; Paul, B; Rao, A. R; Vahia, M. N; Seetha, S; Kasturirangan, K