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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1995Disk luminosity and angular momentum for accreting, weak field neutron stars in the ‘Slow’ rotation approximationDatta, B; Thampan, A. V; Wiita, P. J
Jun-1998Equilibrium sequences of rotating neutron stars for new realistic Equations of StateDatta, B; Thampan, A. V; Bombaci, I
Jun-1998A General Relativistic Calculation of Boundary Layer and Disc Luminosity for Accreting Non-magnetic Neutron Stars in Rapid RotationThampan, A. V; Datta, B
Aug-2001General relativistic spectra of accretion discs around rapidly rotating neutron stars: effect of light bendingBhattacharyya, S; Bhattacharya, D; Thampan, A. V
Apr-2001General Relativistic Spectra of Accretion Disks around Rotating Neutron StarsBhattacharyya, S; Misra, R; Thampan, A. V
Feb-1999Implications of kHz quasi-periodic brightness oscillations in X-ray binaries for neutron star structureThampan, A. V; Bhattacharya, D; Datta, B
1999Luminosities of Disk Accreting Non Magnetic Neutron StarsThampan, A. V
Dec-1995A Numerical Survey of Neutron Star Crustal Density ProfilesDatta, B; Thampan, A. V; Bhattacharya, D
Mar-2000Possible signatures for strange stars in stellar X-ray binariesDatta, B; Thampan, A. V; Bombaci, I
Oct-2000Rapidly Rotating Strange Stars for a New Equation of State of Strange Quark MatterBombaci, I; Thampan, A. V; Datta, B
Jun-2001Temperature profiles of accretion discs around rapidly rotating strange stars in general relativity: A comparison with neutron starsBhattacharyya, S; Thampan, A. V; Bombaci, I
Oct-2000Temperature Profiles of Accretion Disks around Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars in General Relativity and the Implications for Cygnus X-2Bhattacharyya, S; Thampan, A. V; Misra, R; Datta, B