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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Diffuse radiation from the Aquila RiftJyothy, S. N; Murthy, J; Karuppath, N; Sujatha, N. V
Nov-2005Dust Properties in the Far-Ultraviolet in OphiuchusSujatha, N. V; Shalima, P; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C
May-2014Extragalactic survey of UV galaxies using GALEXBose, L. S; Narayanankutty, K; Sujatha, N. V; Murthy, J
Dec-2015Extragalactic survey using GALEX–Spitzer matching fieldsBose, L. S; Sujatha, N. V; Narayanankutty, K; Murthy, J
Apr-2006Far-ultraviolet scattering by dust in OrionShalima, P; Sujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C; Sahnow, D. J
10-Nov-2010GALEX Observations of Diffuse Ultraviolet Emission from DracoSujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Suresh, R; Henr, R. C; Bianchi, L
Feb-2009GALEX observations of diffuse UV radiation at high spatial resolution from the Sandage NebulositySujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Karnataki, A; Henry, R. C; Bianchi, L
Jun-2007Interstellar dust studies with TAUVEXMaheswar, G; Muthu, C; Sujatha, N. V; Pandey, G; Bhatt, H. C; Kameswara Rao, N; Murthy, J
Dec-2010Mapping the Diffuse Ultraviolet Sky with the Galaxy Evolution ExplorerMurthy, J; Henry, R. C; Sujatha, N. V
Aug-2007Measurement of Dust Optical Properties in Coalsack NebulaSujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Shalima, P
Sep-2004A model of the stellar radiation field in the UVSujatha, N. V; Chakraborty, P; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C
Jun-2007Studies of diffuse UV radiationSujatha, N. V; Murthy, J
Apr-2011Survey of O VI absorption in the Large Magellanic CloudPathak, A; Pradhan, A. C; Sujatha, N. V; Murthy, J