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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Determination of the mean HI absorption of the intergalactic mediumAghaee, A; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Guimaraes, R
10-Sep-2018High-resolution spectroscopy of the relatively hydrogen-poor metal-rich giants in the globular cluster ω centauriHema, B. P; Pandey, G; Srianand, R
Oct-2017Multi-epoch intranight optical monitoring of eight radio-quiet BL Lac candidatesKumar, P; Gopal-Krishna; Stalin, C. S; Chand, H; Srianand, R; Petitjean, P
Dec-2008Obscured and powerful AGN and starburst activities at z ~ 3.5Polletta, M; Omont, A; Berta, S; Bergeron, J; Stalin, C. S; Petitjean, P; Giorgetti, M; Trinchieri, G; Srianand, R; McCracken, H. J; Pei, Y; Dannerbauer, H
Jan-2010Optical identification of XMM sources in the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope legacy surveyStalin, C. S; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Fox, A. J; Coppolani, F; Schwope, A
Oct-2018Polarimetric and spectroscopic study of radio quiet weak emission line quasarsKumar, P; Chand, H; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Petitjean, P; Gopal-Krishna
Apr-2018Probing the central engine and environment of AGN using ARIES 1.3-m and 3.6-m telescopesChand, H; Rakshit, S; Jalan, P; Ojha, V; Srianand, R; Vivek, M; Mishra, S; Omar, A; Kumar, P; Joshi, R; Gopal Krishna; Kumar, R
Sep-2002Science with IUCAA telescopeSrianand, R; Gupta, R; Kembhavi, A; Ramaprakash, A. N; Tandon, S. N
2000Study of quasar broad emission region from spectroscopy of multiple imagesNarasimha, D; Srianand, R
25-Aug-2017The Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory facilitating transformative astrophysical scienceSkidmore, W; Anupama, G. C; Srianand, R
Dec-2010The WIRCAM Deep Infrared Cluster Survey I. Groups and clusters at z  ≳  1.1Bielby, R. M; Finoguenov, A; Tanaka, M; McCracken, H. J; Daddi, E; Hudelot, P; Ilbert, O; Kneib, J. P; Le Fèvr, O; Mellier, Y; Nandra, K; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Willott, C. J
May-2011X-ray and optical properties of broad absorption line quasars in the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Legacy SurveyStalin, C. S; Srianand, R; Petitjean, P