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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1982Behaviour of some neutral molecular absorption lines in facula modelsTripathi, B. M; Sinha, K; Pande, M. C
Jun-1982Carbon monoxide and facula modelsTripathi, B. M; Pande, M. C; Sinha, K
Jun-1984Center-to-limb behaviour of molecular rotational temperatures IIISinha, K
Mar-1979Centre to Limb Behaviour of Molecular Rotational TemperaturesSinha, K
1991Evolution of Sunspots Seen in Molecular Lines - Part TwoSinha, K; Tripathi, B. M
1991Evolution of sunspots seen in molecular lines. ISinha, K; Tripathi, B. M
1991The growth of publications of the Astronomical Society of IndiaGupta, S. K; Sinha, K
Dec-1976Mulliken Bands in the Solar SpectrumSinha, K; Joshi, G. C
Jun-1980Observations of Total Solar Eclipse of February 16, 1980Gaur, V. P; Bondal, K. R; Sinha, K; Joshi, G. C; Pande, M. C
Dec-1998On detection of BO molecules in the sunspot spectrumTrivedi, C; Sinha, K
Mar-1990On ionized molecules in the solar atmosphereSinha, K; Tripathi, B. M
Sep-1982On MgH line intensities in sunspot unbraeSinha, K
1994On the detectibility of HeH(+) in the solar photospheric spectrumSinha, K
Mar-1986On the oscillator strength and the dissociation energy of CN moleculesSinha, K; Tripathi, B. M
Mar-1984On the Oscillator strengths of the Phillips bandsSinha, K
Jun-1977On the Rotational Temperature of TiO SunspotsSinha, K
1992On the solar abundance of ironSinha, K; Sanwal, B. B
1997On the solar oscillator strength of SiH^{+}Trivedi, C; Sinha, K
Jun-1985Probable additional Swan band lines in the Solar spectrumSinha, K; Mehrotra, M
Dec-1976SH on the SunSinha, K; Joshi, G. C; Pande, M. C