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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The 1995 Total Solar Eclipse: An OverviewSingh, J
Feb-2010Activity dependence of solar supergranular fractal dimensionPaniveni, U; Krishan, V; Singh, J; Srikanth, R
Dec-1989Analysis of Ca(+) K plage area for short period variationSingh, J; Jain, S. K
Mar-1990Atmospheric extinction measurements at Leh in near infrared bandsBhattacharyya, J. C; Scaria, K. K; Singh, J; Babu, G. S. D; Muraleedharan Nair, R; Sivaraman, K. R
1997Broad Band Photometry of Solar Corona during the Total Solar Eclipse of October 24, 1995Bagare, S. P; Aleem, P. S. M; Singh, J; Saxena, A. K
Nov-1985Broad Band Photometry of the Solar Corona of 1983, June 11Sivaraman, K. R; Singh, J; Kapoor, R. C; Kariyappa, R
1990Calcium K-line profiles as a function of latitude and solar cycle phaseSingh, J
May-2002The calcium K-line profiles as function of latitude and solar cycle phaseSingh, J
Apr-2009A century of solar Ca ii measurements and their implication for solar UV driving of climateFoukal, P; Bertello, L; Livingston, W. C; Pevtsov, A. A; Singh, J; Tlatov, A. G; Ulrich, R. K
Feb-1987Chromospheric CA II K-line variations in the sun as a star over a solar cycleSivaraman, K. R; Singh, J; Bagare, S. P; Gupta, S. S
Mar-1999The Chromospheric Network - (A) Network Evolution Viewed as a Diffusion ProcessSrikanth, R; Singh, J; Raju, K. P
Feb-1999The chromospheric network: Dependence of cell lifetime on length-scaleSrikanth, R; Raju, K. P; Singh, J
11-Apr-2015Chromospheric variations with solar cycle phase using imaging and spectroscopic studiesSindhuja, G; Singh, J; Priyal, M
Feb-1985Clues to the mode of excitation of Fe X ions in the solar corona from the 1980 eclipse observationsSingh, J
Jun-2009Comparison among Ca II K spectroheliogram time series with an application to solar activity studiesErmolli, I; Solanki, S. K; Tlatov, A. G; Krivova, N. A; Ulrich, R. K; Singh, J
Sep-1987Comparison of computed fluxes for Fe X and Fe XIV lines with observed values at 1980 eclipseRaju, P. K; Singh, J
10-Dec-2004Complex Variations in the Line-Intensity Ratio of Coronal Emission Lines with Height above the LimbSingh, J; Sakurai, T; Ichimoto, K; Watanabe, T
Nov-2016Correlation between sunspot number and Ca II K emission indexBertello, L; Pevtsov, A; Tlatov, A; Singh, J
Mar-1998The Correlation Lifetimes of Chromospheric CA II K Network CellsRaju, K. P; Srikanth, R; Singh, J
2003Daily Variation of Tilt Angles of Sunspot GroupsMuneer, S; Singh, J