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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Analytical modelling of Thirty Meter Telescope optics polarizationRamya, M. Anche; Anupama, G. C; Reddy, K; Sen, A; Sankarasubramanian, K; Ramaprakash, A. N; Sengupta, S; Skidmore, W; Atwood, J; Sivarani, T; Pandey, S. B
Jul-2000Binary pulsar PSR B1913+16 constrains the electron-proton charge asymmetrySengupta, S
Oct-1997Charged particle trajectories in a toroidal magnetic and rotation-induced electric field around a black holeSengupta, S
Sep-1994Charged particle trajectories in the presence of a toroidal magnetic field on a Schwarzschild backgroundPrasanna, A. R; Sengupta, S
Aug-2008Cloudy atmosphere of the extra-solar planet HD189733b: A possible explanation of the detected B-band polarizationSengupta, S
Jan-1996Constraints on cosmic electric charge asymmetry and neutrino charge from the microwave backgroundSengupta, S; Pal, B. P
20-Jun-2016Detecting exomoons around self-luminous giant exoplanets through polarizationSengupta, S; Marley, M. S
Mar-2004Effects of dust scattering in expanding spherical nebulaeSrinivasa Rao, M; Sengupta, S
Mar-2003Explaining the Observed Polarization from Brown Dwarfs by Single Dust ScatteringSengupta, S
Aug-1995General Relativistic Effects on the Induced Electric Field Exterior to PulsarsSengupta, S
Apr-1997General Relativistic Effects on the Ohmic Decay of Crustal Magnetic Fields in Neutron StarsSengupta, S
Nov-2000Joule Heating in Neutron Stars under Strong GravitationSengupta, S
Jun-2000Line formation in the Atmosphere of brown dwarf Gliese 229B : CH_4 at 2.3 mu mSengupta, S; Krishan, V
10-Dec-2009Multiple scattering polarization of substellar-mass objects: T dwarfsSengupta, S; Marley, M. S
Jul-2011Multiple scattering polarization – Application of Chandrasekhar’s formalisms to the atmosphere of brown dwarfs and extrasolar planetsSengupta, S; Marley, Mark S
Jun-1996A Newtonian interpretation of the parameter "a" associated with the Kerr metricSengupta, S
Feb-2005Observation of R-Band Variability of L DwarfsMaiti, M; Sengupta, S; Parihar, P. S; Anupama, G. C
20-Oct-2010Observed polarization of brown dwarfs suggests low surface gravitySengupta, S; Marley, M. S
Dec-2009Optical linear polarization in ultra cool dwarfs: A tool to probe dust in the ultra cool dwarf atmospheresTata, R; Martin, E. L; Sengupta, S; Phan-Bao, N; Zapatero Osorio, M. R; Bouy, H
Oct-2016Polarimetric Detection of Exoplanets Transiting T and L Brown DwarfsSengupta, S