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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1983Abnormal quiet days and the effect of geomagnetic activity on the diurnal variation of equatorial geomagnetic fieldSastri, J. H
Sep-1975Characteristics of night sporadic-E at KodaikanalSastri, J. H; Murthy, B. S
Apr-1994Characteristics of the equatorial midnight temperature maximum in the Indian sectorRao, H. N. R; Sastri, J. H
Sep-1986Characteristics of the solar wind at 1 a.u. in relation to Hale sector boundariesSastri, J. H
Feb-2007Coherent Radio Beacon Experiment (CRABEX) for tomographic imaging of the equatorial ionosphere in the Indian longitudes – Preliminary resultsThampi, S. V; Ravindran, S; Devasia, C. V; Sreelatha, P; Pant, T. K; Sridharan, R; Venkata Ratnam, D; Sarma, A. D; Raghava Reddi, C; Jessy Jose; Sastri, J. H
Feb-2005Comet C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)Sastri, J. H; Vasundhara, R; Kuppuswamy, K; Velu, C
Jun-1977Day-to-day variability of midlatitude F region in winterSastri, J. H
Dec-2001Daytime equatorial geomagnetic H field response to the growth phase and expansion phase onset of isolated substorms: Case studies and their implicationsSastri, J. H; Rao, J. V. S. V; Rao, D. R. K; Pathan, B. M
Aug-1989Daytime equatorial VHF radiowave scintillations and sporadic-E layerKoparkar, P. V; Rastogi, R. G; Sastri, J. H
May-1986Disappearing solar filaments and geomagnetic activitySastri, J. H
Oct-2008Distinctive effects of interplanetary electric field and substorm on nighttime equatorial F layer: A case studyChakrabarty, D; Sekar, R; Sastri, J. H; Ravindran, S
Apr-1978Diurnal behaviour of midlatitude F-region parameters in summerSastri, J. H
Oct-1978Diurnal variation of f0F2 at equatorial latitudes and counter electrojetSastri, J. H; Sasidharan, K
Jul-1991Doppler frequency fluctuations of lower thermospheric reflections in the equatorial electrojet regionSastri, J. H; Ramesh, K. B; Rao, J. V. S. V
May-1998DP 2 electric field fluctuations in the dusk-time dip equatorial ionosphereAbdu, M. A; Sastri, J. H; Luhr, H; Tachihara, H; Kitamura, T; Trivedi, N. B; Sobral, J. H. A
Jun-1984Duration of equatorial spread-FSastri, J. H
May-1986Earth's equatorial ionosphere and the heliospheric current sheetSastri, J. H
Feb-1975Effect of magnetic activity on noon bite-out at Kodaikanal - influence of solar activitySastri, J. H; Murthy, B. S
Oct-1979Effect of sector boundary passage on the daily variation of equatorial geomagnetic fieldSastri, J. H
Dec-1980Effect of sunspot activity on the occurrence of M and N echoes in the equatorial regionSastri, J. H