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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005100 years of photon-counting: the quest for the perfect eyeMorel, S; Saha, S. K
Jun-2005Adaptive optics and its applicationsMohan, D; Mishra, S. K; Saha, S. K
2011Aperture synthesis : methods and applications to optical astronomySaha, S. K
2011Aperture Synthesis at Optical WavelengthsSaha, S. K
2007Aperture synthesis in optical astronomy; the current statusSaha, S. K
Oct-1987Astrophotography with high angular and temporal resolution: Preliminary results from the Kavalur ExperimentsSaha, S. K; Venkatakrishnan, P; Jayarajan, A. P; Jayavel, N
2001Auto-correlation of Binary starsSaha, S. K; Maitra, D
1997Blind iterative deconvolution of binary star imagesSaha, S. K; Venkatakrishnan, P
Dec-2014Computationally efficient method for retrieval of atmospherically distorted astronomical imagesSurya, A; Saha, S. K
2009Design of a mammary gland specific gamma imaging system (MSGIS)Sarbajit, P; Bhattacharjee, T; Saha, S. K
2009Detectors for the astronomical applicationsSaha, S. K
1999Development of a Speckle Interferometer and the Measurement of Fried's Parameter (ro) at the Telescope SiteSaha, S. K; Sudheendra, G; Chandra, A. U; Chinnappan, V
2007Diffraction limited imaging with large and moderate telescopesSaha, S. K
1999Emerging trends of optical interferometry in astronomySaha, S. K
2009FPGA Based ASM implementation for CCD Camera ControllerSrinivasan, R; Anupama, K; Suneeta; Saha, S. K; Rao, A
2002High resolution imaging by employing passive and active approachesSaha, S. K
2015High resolution imaging: detectors and applicationsSaha, S. K
2011Hypertelescope Approach: A Novel Method for Imaging of Stellar ObjectsSaha, S. K
Mar-2011Hypertelescope imagingSaha, S. K
1991Intensified CCD Camera Based Remote Guiding Unit for VBT and Observation of Speckles with ICCDChinnappan, V; Saha, S. K; Faseehana