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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2015Awakening of the high-redshift blazar CGRaBS J0809+5341Paliya, Vaidehi S; Parker, M. L; Stalin, C. S; Fabian, A. C; Ramya, S; Covino, S; Tagliaferri, G; Sahayanathan, S; Ravikumar, C. D
1-Jul-2016Broadband observations of high redshift blazarsPaliya, Vaidehi S; Parker, M. L; Fabian, A. C; Stalin, C. S
10-Mar-2016Broadband observations of the gamma-ray emitting narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxy SBS 0846+513Paliya, Vaidehi S; Rajput, Bhoomika; Stalin, C. S; Pandey, S. B
Feb-2015Fermi monitoring of radio-loud narrow-line seyfert 1 galaxiesPaliya, Vaidehi S; Stalin, C. S; Ravikumar, C. D
1-Aug-2015Fermi-Large Area Telescope Observations of the Exceptional Gamma-Ray Flare from 3C 279 in 2015 JunePaliya, Vaidehi S
20-Mar-2016The first GeV outburst of the radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy PKS 1502+036Paliya, Vaidehi S; Stalin, C. S
1-Feb-2017Flux and polarization variability of OJ 287 during the early 2016 outburstRakshit, S; Stalin, C. S; Muneer, S; Neha, S; Paliya, Vaidehi S
20-Jan-2018Gamma-Ray-emitting Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyPaliya, Vaidehi S; Ajello, M; Rakshit, S; Amit Kumar; Stalin, C. S; Kaur, A; Hartmann, D
20-Jan-2016A Hard gamma-ray flare from 3C 279 in 2013 DecemberPaliya, Vaidehi S; Diltz, Chris; Bottcher, Markus; Stalin, C. S; Buckley, David
1-May-2015The high-redshift blazar S5 0836+71: a broadband studyPaliya, Vaidehi S
Apr-2017Intra-night optical variability characteristics of different classes of narrow-line seyfert 1 galaxiesKshama, S. K; Paliya, Vaidehi S; Stalin, C. S
1-Aug-2017Intra-night Optical Variability Monitoring of Fermi Blazars: First Results from 1.3 m J. C. Bhattacharya TelescopePaliya, Vaidehi S; Stalin, C. S; Ajello, M; Kaur, A
21-Jan-2013Intranight optical variability of γ -ray-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxiesPaliya, Vaidehi S; Stalin, C. S; Kumar, Brijesh; Kumar, Brajesh; Bhatt, V. K; Pandey, S. B; Yadav, K. S
10-Aug-2018Leptonic and hadronic modeling of Fermi-LAT hard spectrum quasars and predictions for high-energy polarizationPaliya, Vaidehi S; Zhang, H; Bottcher, M; Ajello, M; Domínguez, A; Joshi, M; Hartmann, D; Stalin, C. S
2015Lepto−Hadronic origin of γ-ray outbursts of 3C 279Paliya, Vaidehi S; Diltz, C; Bottcher, M; Stalin, C. S; Buckley, D
10-Apr-2015Multi-wavelength observations of 3C 279 during the extremely bright gamma-ray flare in 2014 March–AprilPaliya, Vaidehi S; Sahayanathan, S; Stalin, C. S
1-May-2013The Nature of γ -ray loud Narrow-line Seyfert I Galaxies PKS 1502+036 And PKS 2004-447Paliya, Vaidehi S; Stalin, C. S; Shukla, A; Sahayanathan, S
20-Jul-2016NuSTAR, Swift, and GROND Observations of the Flaring MeV Blazar PMN J0641-0320Ajello, M; Ghisellini, G; Paliya, Vaidehi S; Kocevski, D; Tagliaferri, G; Madejski, G; Rau, A; Schady, P; Greiner, J; Massaro, F; Balokovic, M; Buhler, R; Giomi, M; Marcotulli, L; D'Ammando, F; Stern, D; Boggs, S. E; Christensen, F. E; Craig, W. W; Hailey, C. J; Harrison, F. A; Zhang, W. W
10-Jul-2014The peculiar radio-loud narrow line seyfert 1 galaxy 1H 0323+342Paliya, Vaidehi S; Sahayanathan, S; Parker, M. L; Fabian, A. C; Stalin, C. S; Anjum, A; Pandey, S. B
1-Oct-2015The violent hard X-ray variability of MRK 421 observed by Nustar in 2013 AprilPaliya, Vaidehi S; Bottcher, M; Diltz, C; Stalin, C. S; Sahayanathan, S; Ravikumar, C. D