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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2011Analysis of the Forward-scattering Hanle Effect in the Ca I 4227 Å LineAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N; Bianda, M; Stenflo, J. O; Holzreuter, R; Sampoorna, M; Frisch, H; Ramelli, R; Smitha, H. N
Jul-2012Blend lines in the polarized spectrum of the SunSowmya, K; Nagendra, K. N; Sampoorna, M
20-Sep-2014Center-to-limb Observations and Modeling of the Ca I 4227 Å LineSupriya, H. D; Smitha, H. N; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Bianda, M; Ramelli, R; Ravindra, B; Anusha, L. S
May-1995Collisional redistribution effects on line polarization in spherical atmospheresNagendra, K. N
15-Jun-1993The combined effect of partial redistribution and non-coherent electron scattering on polarized resonance line transferNagendra, K. N; Rangarajan, K. E; Mohan Rao, D
Dec-2008Commission 36: theory of stellar atmospheresLandstreet, J. D; Asplund, M; Spite, M; Balachandran, S. B; Berdyugina, S. V; Hauschildt, P. H; Ludwig, H. G; Mashonkina, L. I; Nagendra, K. N; Puls, J; Randich, M. S; Tautvaisiene, G
Dec-2007Commission 36: theory of stellar atmospheresSpite, M; Landstreet, J. D; Asplund, M; Ayres, T. R; Balachandran, S. C; Dravins, D; Hauschildt, P. H; Kiselman, D; Nagendra, K. N; Sneden, C; Tautvaišiené, G; Werner, K
Feb-2018Coronal magnetic field measurements using forbidden emission linesMegha, A; Sampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Sankarasubramanian, K
10-Oct-2014Effect of Cross-redistribution on the Resonance Scattering Polarization of O I Line at 1302 ÅAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N; Uitenbroek, H
Sep-2012The effect of electron scattering redistribution on atomic line polarizationSupriya, H. D; Nagendra, K. N; Sampoorna, M; Ravindra, B
Jul-2019Effects of angle-dependent partial frequency redistrubtion on polarized line profilesSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Frisch, H; Stenflo, J. O
Feb-1983Effects on partial frequency redistribution R(II) on the level population ratios in a resonance linePeraiah, A; Nagendra, K. N
Apr-2013An efficient decomposition technique to solve angle-dependent Hanle scattering problemsSupriya, H. D; Sampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Ravindra, B; Anusha, L. S
Oct-2014Electron Scattering Redistribution Effect on Atomic Line PolarizationSupriya, H. D; Nagendra, K. N; Ravindra, B; Sampoorna, M
Sep-1999Fast Numerical Methods for Polarized Line Radiative Transfer in the Presence of Hanle EffectFaurobert, M; Frisch, H; Nagendra, K. N
Jun-2012Forward-scattering Hanle effect in the solar Ca i 4227 Å lineFrisch, H; Anusha, L. S; Bianda, M; Holzreuter, R; Nagendra, K. N; Ramelli, R; Sampoorna, M; Smitha, H. N; Stenflo, J. O
1-Aug-2010Generalization of the last scattering approximation for the second solar spectrum modeling: the Ca i 4227 å line as a case studyAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Bianda, M; Sampoorna, M; Frisch, H; Holzreuter, R; Ramelli, R
Mar-2007Generalized Voigt functions and their derivativesSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Frisch, H
Dec-1996Green's matrix for Compton reflection of polarized radiation from cold matterPoutanen, J; Nagendra, K. N; Svensson, R
2010The Hanle effect as diagnostic tool for turbulent magnetic fieldsAnusha, L. S; Sampoorna, M; Frisch, H; Nagendra, K. N