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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Active galactic nucleus activity and black hole masses in low surface brightness galaxiesRamya, S; Prabhu, T. P; Mousumi Das
Oct-2013Bulge-Disk Evolution in Interacting Bulgeless GalaxiesMousumi Das; Ramya, S; Sengupta, C; Mishra, K
2020Can bars erode cuspy halos?Kataria, Sandeep Kumar;; Mousumi Das; Mcgaugh, Stacy
Mar-2017A candidate dual AGN in a double-peaked emission-line galaxy with precessing radio jetsRubinur, K; Mousumi Das; Kharb, P; Honey, M
Nov-2017Constraints on dark matter models from the observation of Triangulum-II with the Fermi Large Area TelescopeBiswas, Sayan; Bhattacharjee, P; Majumdar, P; Das, Subinoy; Mousumi Das; Joarder, P. S
1-Feb-2019A curved 150 pc long jet in the double-peaked emission-line AGN KISSR 434Kharb, P; Vaddi, Sravani; Sebastian, B; Subramanian, S; Mousumi Das; Paragi, Z
10-Dec-2015Detection of molecular gas in void galaxies: implications for star formation in isolated environmentsMousumi Das; Saito, T; Iono, D; Honey, M; Ramya, S
1-Sep-2017Double-peaked Emission Lines Due to a Radio Outflow in KISSR 1219Kharb, P; Subramanian, S; Vaddi, Sravani; Mousumi Das; Paragi, Z
Apr-2018Dual Active Galactic Nuclei in Nearby GalaxiesMousumi Das; Rubinur, K; Preethi, K; Varghese, A; Novakkuni, N; James, A
20-Nov-2019The effect of bulge mass on bar pattern speed in disk galaxiesKataria, Sandeep Kumar; Mousumi Das
2020The evolution of bulges of galaxies in minor fly-by interactionsKumar, Ankit; Mousumi Das; Kataria, Sandeep Kumar
1-Feb-2019The extended H i disk and star formation in the dwarf spiral galaxy NGC 4701Mousumi Das; Sengupta, C; Honey, M
Dec-2016From nearby low luminosity AGN to High Redshift Radio Galaxies: science interests with square kilometre arrayKharb, P; Lal, D. V; Singh, V; Bagchi, J; Ishwara-Chandra, C. H; Hota, A; Konar, C; Wadadekar, Yogesh; Shastri, P; Mousumi Das; Baliyan, K; Nath, B. B; Pandey-Pommier, M
Apr-2018Giant Low Surface Brightness GalaxiesMishra, A; Kantharia, N. G; Mousumi Das
Mar-2013Giant Low Surface Brightness Galaxies: Evolution in IsolationMousumi Das
21-Jan-2017GMRT H I study of giant low surface brightness galaxiesMishra, A; Kantharia, N. G; Mousumi Das; Omar, A; Srivastava, D. C
10-Feb-2020The intriguing parsec-scale radio structure in the "offset AGN" KISSR 102Kharb, P; Lena, D; Paragi, Z; Subramanian, S; Vaddi, Sravani; Mousumi Das; Rubinur, K
21-Jan-2016Investigating AGN black hole masses and the MBH–σe relation for low surface brightness galaxiesSubramanian, S; Ramya, S; Mousumi Das; George, K; Sivarani, T; Prabhu, T. P
Apr-2015Late time X-ray, IR and radio observations of the tidal disruption event galaxy NGC 5905Raichur, H; Mousumi Das; Herrero, A. A; Shastri, P; Kantharia, N. G
21-Oct-2016Near-infrared imaging of barred halo-dominated low surface brightness galaxiesHoney, M; Mousumi Das; Ninan, J. P; Manoj, P