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  • Elias-Rosa, N; Pastorello, A; Benetti, S; Cappellaro, E; Taubenberger, S; Terreran, G; Fraser, M; Brown, P. J; Tartaglia, L; Morales-Garoffolo, A; Harmanen, J; Richardson, N. D; Artigau, E; Tomasella, L; Margutti, R; Smartt, S. J; Dennefeld, M; Turatto, M; Anupama, G. C; Arbour, R; Berton, M; Bjorkman, K. S; Boles, T; Briganti, F; Chornock, R; Ciabattari, F; Cortini, G; Dimai, A; Gerhartz, C. J; Itagaki, K; Kotak, R; Mancini, R; Martinelli, F; Milisavljevic, D; Misra, K; Ochner, P; Patnaude, D; Polshaw, J; Sahu, D. K; Zaggia, S (Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2016-12)
    Supernova (SN) 2015bh (or SNhunt275) was discovered in NGC 2770 on 2015 February with an absolute magnitude of Mr ∼ −13.4 mag, and was initially classified as an SN impostor. Here, we present the photometric and spectroscopic ...
  • Parrent, J. T; Milisavljevic, D; Soderberg, A. M; Parthasarathy, M (IOP Publishing, 2016-03)
    Here we revisit line identifications of type I supernovae (SNe I) and highlight trace amounts of unburned hydrogen as an important free parameter for the composition of the progenitor. Most one-dimensional stripped-enve ...

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