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  • Hallakoun, N; Xu, S; Maoz, D; Marsh, T. R; Ivanov, V. D; Dhillon, V. S; Bours, M. C. P; Parsons, S. G; Kerry, P; Sharma, S; Su, K; Sridharan, R|; Pravec, P; Kusnirak, P; Kucakova, H; Armstrong, J. D; Arnold, C (Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2017-08)
    The first transiting planetesimal orbiting a white dwarf was recently detected in K2 data of WD 1145+017 and has been followed up intensively. The multiple, long and variable transits suggest the transiting objects are ...
  • Sagiv, I; Gal-Yam, A; Ofek, E. O; Waxman, E; Aharonson, O; Kulkarni, S. R; Nakar, E; Maoz, D; Trakhtenbrot, B; Phinney, E. S; J. Topaz, J; Beichman, C; Murthy, J; Worden, S. P (IOP Publishing, 2014-04)
    The time-variable electromagnetic sky has been well-explored at a wide range of wavelengths. In contrast, the ultra-violet (UV) variable sky is relatively poorly explored, even though it offers exciting scientific prospects. ...

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