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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2002Circumstellar disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars: Polarization, outflows and binary orbitsMaheswar, G; Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Sep-2002Circumstellar environment around young stars in nearby OB associationsManoj, P; Maheswar, G; Bhatt, H. C
May-2017The Curious Case of PDS 11: A Nearby, >10 Myr Old, Classical T Tauri Binary SystemMathew, B; Manoj, P; Bhatt, B. C; Sahu, D. K; Maheswar, G; Muneer, S
Jul-2018The estimation of the instrumental polarization and crosstalk at the focus of the mid-infrared imaging system for the Thirty Meter TelescopeRamya, M. Anche; Packham, Chris; Anupama, G. C; Sankarasubramanian, K; Maheswar, G; Manoj, P
10-Dec-2006Evolution of emission line activity in intermediate mass young starsManoj, P; Bhatt, H. C; Maheswar, G; Muneer, S
Oct-2007An Evolved Disk Surrounding the Massive Main-Sequence Star MWC 297?Manoj, P; Ho, P. T. P; Ohashi, N; Zhang, Q; Hasegawa, T; Chen, H - R; Bhatt, H. C; Ashok, N. M
10-Apr-2018Excitation Mechanism of O i Lines in Herbig Ae/Be StarsMathew, B; Manoj, P; Narang, Mayank; Banerjee, D. P. K; Pratheeksha Nayak; Muneer, S; Vig, S; Kumar, S. P; Paul, K. T; Maheswar, G
Dec-2019From the margins to the mainstream: Nobel celebrates exoplanets!Manoj, P; Banyal, R. K; Narang, Mayank
Sep-2002Intermediate Galactic Latitude Starforming Region-CG 12Maheswar, G; Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Sep-2002Intermediate Galactic Latitude Starforming Region-CG 12Maheswar, G; Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Dec-2016Interstellar Medium and Star Formation Studies with the Square Kilometre ArrayManoj, P; Vig, S; Maheswar, G; Kamath, U. S; Tej, A
2001Kinematics of Vega-like starsManoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Jan-2005Kinematics of Vega-like stars: Lifetimes and temporal evolution of circumstellar dust disksManoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
11-Feb-2004Magnetic fields in cometary globules - III. CG 12Bhatt, H. C; Maheswar, G; Manoj, P
21-Oct-2016Near-infrared imaging of barred halo-dominated low surface brightness galaxiesHoney, M; Mousumi Das; Ninan, J. P; Manoj, P
Aug-2002Non-emission-line young stars of intermediate massManoj, P; Maheswar, G; Bhatt, H. C
May-2003Optical spectroscopic and 2MASS measurements of Stephenson Halpha starsMaheswar, G; Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Dec-2004Photometric distances to dark clouds: cometary globule CG 12Maheswar, G; Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Oct-2000Polarization measurements of Vega-like starsBhatt, H. C; Manoj, P
Nov-2018Properties and occurrence rates for Kepler exoplanet candidates as a function of host star metallicity from the DR25 catalogNarang, Mayank; Manoj, P; Furlan, E; Mordasini, C; Henning, Thomas; Mathew, Blesson; Banyal, R. K; Sivarani, T