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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Accretion and wind dynamics in tidal disruption eventsMageshwaran, T; Mangalam, A
21-Feb-2019Astrophysically relevant bound trajectories around a Kerr black holePrerna Rana; Mangalam, A
2020Black hole demographics from TDE modelingMageshwaran, T; Mangalam, A
3-Jun-2009The changing interstellar medium of massive elliptical galaxies and cosmic evolution of radio galaxies and quasarsMangalam, A; Gopal-Krishna; Wiita, Paul J
Oct-1999Constrained Violent Relaxation to a Spherical HaloMangalam, A; Nityananda, R; Sridhar, S
2008Constraints on dynamo actionMangalam, A
Jul-2017Core shift effect in blazarsAgarwal, A; Mohan, P; Gupta, A. C; Mangalam, A; Volvach, A. E; Aller, M. F; Aller, H. D; Gu, M. F; Lahteenmaki, A; Tornikoski, M; Volvach, L. N
2015Cosmic evolution of AGN using self-consistent black hole energeticsMangalam, A
Apr-2020Cosmic spin and mass evolution of black holes and its impactDipanweeta Bhattacharyya; Mangalam, A
Feb-2018Energy distribution of solar flare eventsSen, Samrat; Mangalam, A; Ramesh, R
2020Evolution of the M•-σ relationMangalam, A; Dipanweeta Bhattacharyya
Feb-2018Flux tube model in the solar atmosphereSen, Samrat; Mangalam, A
Dec-2001Formation of a proto-quasar from accretion flows in a haloMangalam, A
11-Sep-2015Frequency-dependent core shifts and parameter estimation for the blazar 3C 454.3Mohan, Prashanth; Agarwal, A; Mangalam, A; Gupta, A. C; Wiita, P. J; Volvach, A. E; Aller, M. F; Aller, H. D; Gu, M. F; Lahteenmaki, A; Tornikoski, M; Volvach, L. N
20-Jan-2016A Global galactic dynamo with a corona constrained by relative helicityAvijeet Prasad; Mangalam, A
1-Jun-2015Kinematics of and emission from helically orbiting blobs in a relativistic magnetized jetMohan, Prashanth; Mangalam, A
2015A model for relativistic disk emission, flow and variabilityMohan, Prashanth; Mangalam, A
15-Jan-2018Model of a fluxtube with a twisted magnetic field in the stratified solar atmosphereSen, Samrat; Mangalam, A
Dec-2000Models of Flux Tubes from Constrained RelaxationMangalam, A; Krishan, V
2013Models of force-free spheres and applications to solar active regionsAvijeet Prasad; Mangalam, A