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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Energy resolution of the TACTIC imaging elementSathyabama, N; Dhar, V. K; Koul, M. K; Bhat, C. L
2002Optimum image parameter ranges for TACTIC imaging elements : guidance from simulationsKoul, M. K; Charagi, S. K; Rannot, R. C; Sapru, M. L; Bhat, C. L
2002Recent results on crab nebula and Mkn-421 observations with TACTIC imaging elementBhatt, N; Agarwal, N. K; Bhat, C. K; Bhattacharaya, S; Charagi, S. K; Chandra, P; Chauhan, N; Dhar, V. K; Goyal, A; Goyal, H. C; Kamath, K; Kaul, C. L; Kaul, I. K; Kaul, R. K; Kaul, S. K; Kaul, S. R; Sharma, M; Kothari, M; Kotwal, S. V; Koul, D. K; Koul, M. K; Rannot, R. C; Razdan, A. K; Sahaynathan, S; Sapru, M. L; Satyabhama, N; Tickoo, A. K; Venugopal, K; Yadav, K. K; Bhat, C. L
2000Salient mechanical and optical design features of 25m-diameter light-collector of MACE imaging Gamma-Ray TelescopeBandyopadhayay, K; Koul, D. K; Mishra, V. K; Koul, R; Suthar, R. L; Koul, M. K; Jayandranath, M; Bhat, C. L
1999Sensitivity and energy resolution estimates of the TACTIC gamma-ray telescope - Inputs from simulation studies (II)Koul, M. K; Rannot, R. C; Sapru, M. L; Sathyabama, N; Bhat, C. L; Tickoo, A. K; Razdan, A. K; Gandhi, V. N
2003Simulation Studies for Optimizing the Trigger Field of View of the TACTIC Imaging ElementKoul, M. K; Sapru, M. L
2002Spot size of 17m-diameter MACE reflector in presence of surface inaccuraciesKoul, D. K; Koul, M. K; Tickoo, A. K; Bhat, C. L
2002Threshold energy estimates of TACTIC array elementsSapru, M. L; Satyabhama, N; Koul, M. K; Tickoo, A. K; Bhat, C. L
1999Threshold energy estimates of TACTIC gamma-ray telescope array-Inputs for simulations studies (I)Sathyabama, N; Sapru, M. L; Bhat, C. L; Rannot, R. C; Razdan, A. K; Tickoo, A. K; Koul, M. K; Gandhi, V. N