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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013The 2010 outburst and pre-outburst optical spectrum of the recurrent nova U ScorpiiAnupama, G. C; Kamath, U. S; Ramaprakash, A. N; Kantharia, N. G; Hegde, M; Mohan, V; Kulkarni, M; Bode, M. F; Eyres, S. P. S; Evans, A; O Brien, T. J
Aug-2015Abnormal rotation rates of sunspots and durations of associated flaresSuryanarayana, G. S; Hiremath, K. M; Bagare, S. P; Hegde, M
15-Jul-2014Coronal hole oscillations inferred from the SDO/AIA dataHegde, M; Hiremath, K. M; Doddamani, V. H
Feb-2015Indian summer monsoon rainfall: dancing with the tunes of the SunHiremath, K. M; Hegde, M; Soon, Willie
May-2017Kodaikanal digitized white-light data archive (1921–2011): Analysis of various solar cycle featuresMandal, Sudip; Hegde, M; Samanta, T; Hazra, G; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
1-Nov-2017Long-term Study of the Solar Filaments from the Synoptic Maps as Derived from Hα Spectroheliograms of the Kodaikanal ObservatoryChatterjee, Subhamoy; Hegde, M; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
Sep-2008Night sky at the Indian Astronomical Observatory during 2000-2008Stalin, C. S; Hegde, M; Sahu, D. K; Parihar, P. S; Anupama, G. C; Bhatt, B. C; Prabhu, T. P
May-2018Recurring coronal holes and their rotation rates during the solar cycles 22-24Prabhu, K; Ravindra, B; Hegde, M; Doddamani, V. H
1-Feb-2013Rotation rates of coronal holes and their probable anchoring depthsHiremath, K. M; Hegde, M
Sep-2015Solar wind associated with near equatorial coronal holeHegde, M; Hiremath, K. M; Doddamani, V. H; Gurumath, S. R