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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Abundance analysis of s-process enhanced barium starsUpakul, Mahanta; Drisya, K; Goswami, A; Kalpana, Duorah
Mar-1991Abundance analysis of the long period southern Cepheid RZ VelGiridhar, S; Goswami, A; Arellano Ferro, A
Jul-2000Abundance evolution of intermediate mass elements (C to Zn) in the Milky Way halo and diskGoswami, A; Prantzos, N
2006Automated classification and stellar parameterizationGiridhar, S; Muneer, S; Goswami, A
Feb-2010The CH fraction of carbon stars at high galactic latitudesGoswami, A; Drisya, K; Shantikumar, N. S
May-2005CH stars at high Galactic latitudesGoswami, A
Mar-2020Characterizing the companion AGBs using surface chemical composition of barium starsShejeelammal, J; Goswami, A; Goswami, Partha Pratim; Rathour, Rajeev Singh; Masseron, Thomas
1-Jan-2017Chemical Analysis of a Carbon-Enhanced Very Metal-Poor Star: CD-27 14351Drisya, K; Goswami, A; Masseron, T
11-May-2014Chemical analysis of CH stars – I. Atmospheric parameters and elemental abundancesDrisya, K; Goswami, A
21-Jan-2015Chemical analysis of CH stars – II. atmospheric parameters and elemental abundancesDrisya, K; Goswami, A
Jul-2019Chemical analysis of CH stars – III. atmospheric parameters and elemental abundancesMeenakshi, P; Goswami, A; Goswami, P.P; Shejeelammal, J; Masseron, T
May-2018Chemical analysis of three barium stars: HD 51959, HD 88035, HD 121447Drisya, K; Goswami, A; Sridhar, N; Masseron, T; Meenakshi, P
2004The chemical composition and circumstellar environment of the variable star QY sgeGoswami, A; Kameswara Rao, N; Lambert, D. L
2000Chemical evolution of intermediate mass nuclei in the solar neighbourhood and the halo of the galaxyGoswami, A; Prantzos, N
May-2001Chemical evolution of the Milky Way halo and diskPrantzos, N; Goswami, A
Nov-2012Comparative modelling of the spectra of cool giantsLebzelter, T; Heiter, U; Abia, C; Eriksson, K; Ireland, M; Neilson, H; Nowotny, W; Maldonado, J; Merle, T; Peterson, R; Plez, B; Short, C. I; Wahlgren, G. M; Worley, C; Aringer, B; Bladh, S; de Laverny, P; Goswami, A; Mora, A; Norris, R. P; Recio-Blanco, A; Scholz, M; Thevenin, F; Tsuji, T; Kordopatis, G; Montesinos, B; Wing, R. F
20-Dec-2016Constraints of the Physics of Low-Mass AGB Stars from CH and CEMP StarsCristallo, S; Karinkuzhi, D; Goswami, A; Piersanti, L; Gobrecht, D
Aug-2012Contribution of HdC Stars to the Galactic Enrichment: The Sr-rich HdC Star HE 1015-2050Goswami, A; Aoki, W
Dec-2017Contribution of Proton Capture Reactions to the Ascertained Abundance of Fluorine in the Evolved Stars of Globular Cluster M4, M22, 47 Tuc and NGC 6397Mahanta, Upakul; Goswami, A; Duorah, H. L; Duorah, K
2010Cosmochemistry: A PerspectiveGoswami, A