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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2009Anisotropy of the Indian continental lithospheric mantleHeintz, M; Kumar, V. P; Gaur, V. K; Priestley, K; Rai, S. S; Prakasam, K. S
Nov-2011Anomalous surface wave dispersion and the enigma of “continental-like” structure for the Bay of BengalMitra, S; Priestley, K; Acton, C; Gaur, V. K
Aug-2013Buildings as Weapons of Mass DestructionBilham, R; Gaur, V. K
Aug-2014Complex shallow mantle beneath the Dharwar Craton inferred from Rayleigh wave inversionBorah, K; Rai, S. S; Priestley, K; Gaur, V. K
Aug-2006Configuration of the Indian Moho beneath the NW Himalaya and LadakhRai, S. S; Priestley, K; Gaur, V. K; Mitra, S; Singh, M. P; Searle, M
Jun-2014Contemporary deformation in the Kashmir–Himachal, Garhwal and Kumaon Himalaya: significant insights from 1995–2008 GPS time seriesJade, S; Mukul, M; Gaur, V. K; Kumar, K; Shrungeshwar, T. S; Satyal, G. S; Dumka, R. K; Jagannathan, S; Ananda, M. B; Dileep Kumar, P; Banerjee, S
11-Feb-2003Crustal shear velocity structure of the south Indian shieldRai, S. S; Priestley, K; Suryaprakasam, K; Srinagesh, D; Gaur, V. K; Du, Z
Apr-2008Crustal stress patterns: Analysis of Ps splitting for seismic anisotropyRai, Abhishek; Rai, S. S; Gaur, V. K
Jan-2005Crustal structure and earthquake focal depths beneath northeastern India and southern TibetMitra, S; Priestley, K; Bhattacharyya, A. K; Gaur, V. K
Feb-2011Crustal structure of the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya and southern TibetActon, C. E; Priestley, K; Mitra, S; Gaur, V. K
10-Feb-2013Devendra Lal (1929–2012)Sreekantan, B. V; Gaur, V. K
10-Dec-2012Discussion of Seismicity Near JaitapurGaur, V. K; Bilham, R
Oct-2003Early Holocene climate recorded in geomorphological features in Western TibetBrown, E. T; Bendick, R; Bourles, D. L; Gaur, V. K; Molnar, P; Raisbeck, G. M
Aug-2001Earthquakes:Himalayan Seismic HazardBilham, R; Gaur, V. K; Molnar, P
Jul-2007Effect of the M 9.3 Sumatra-Andaman islands earthquake of 26 December 2004 at several permanent and campaign GPS stations in the Indian continentJade, S; Vijayan, M. S. M; Gupta, S. S; Kumar, P. D; Gaur, V. K; Arumugam, S
Nov-2007Estimates of interseismic deformation in Northeast India from GPS measurementsJade, S; Mukul, M; Bhattacharyya, A. K; Vijayan, M. S. M; Jaganathan, S; Ashok Kumar; Tiwari, R. P; Arun Kumar; Kalita, S; Sahu, S. C; Krishna, A. P; Gupta, S. S; Murthy, M. V. R. L; Gaur, V. K
Apr-2005Estimates of precipitable water vapour from GPS data over the Indian subcontinentJade, S; Vijayan, M. S. M; Gaur, V. K; Prabhu, T. P; Sahu, S. C
Oct-2011Fine and ultrafine particles at a near–free tropospheric environment over the high-altitude station Hanle in the trans-Himalaya: new particle formation and size distributionKrishna Moorthy, K; Sreekanth, V; Jai Prakash, C; Gogoi, M. M; Suresh Babu, S; Sobhan Kumar, K; Bagare, S. P; Bhatt, B. C; Gaur, V. K; Prabhu, T. P; Shantikumar, N. S
10-May-2003First evidence for anomalous thick crust beneath mid-Archean western Dharwar cratonGupta, S; Rai, S. S; Prakasam, K. S; Srinagesh, D; Chadha, R. K; Priestley, K; Gaur, V. K
Mar-2015Five-year flask measurements of long-lived trace gases in IndiaLin, X; Indira, N. K; Ramonet, M; Delmotte, M; Ciais, P; Bhatt, B. C; Reddy, M. V; Angchuk, D; Balakrishnan, S; Jorphail, S; Dorjai, T; Mahey, T. T; Patnaik, S; Begum, M; Brenninkmeijer, C; Durairaj, S; Kirubagaran, R; Schmidt, M; Swathi, P. S; Vinithkumar, N. V; Kwok, C. Y; Gaur, V. K