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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Absolute emission altitude of pulsars: PSRs B1839+09, B1916+14, and B2111+46Thomas, R. M. C; Gangadhara, R. T
1990Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves in Astrophysical PlasmasGangadhara, R. T; Krishan, V
2008Alpha effect in partially ionized plasmasKrishan, V; Gangadhara, R. T
2004Centrifugal Acceleration in Pulsar MagnetospheresThomas, R. M. C; Gangadhara, R. T
Dec-2003Centrifugal acceleration of plasma in pulsar magnetosphereGangadhara, R. T; Krishan, V
10-Feb-2010Circular polarization in pulsars due to curvature radiationGangadhara, R. T
1992Continuum radiation due to collective plasma process in quasarsGangadhara, R. T; Krishan, V
Nov-1997Dynamical phenomena in sunspots. I. Time dependent relaxation to equilibriumGangadhara, R. T; Hasan, S. S
Jun-2007Dynamics of charged particles in the radio emission region of pulsar magnetosphereThomas, R. M. C; Gangadhara, R. T
2006Emission Altitude from Relativistic Phase Shift Due to Plasma Corotation in PulsarsGangadhara, R. T
1993Faraday rotation versus stimulated Raman scattering in intense sourcesGangadhara, R. T; Krishan, V
20-Jun-2014Generation of Magnetic Structures on the Solar PhotosphereGangadhara, R. T; Krishan, V; Bhowmick, A. K; Chitre, S. M
Dec-2004Influence of rotation on pulsar emissionThomas, R. M. C; Gangadhara, R. T
Feb-2002Influence of Rotation on Pulsar Radiation CharacteristicsAhmadi, P; Gangadhara, R. T
20-Jul-2012Influence of the polar cap current on pulsar polarizationDinesh Kumar; Gangadhara, R. T
Apr-2008Mean-field dynamo in partially ionized plasmas – IKrishan, V; Gangadhara, R. T
2008Millisecond pulsar emission altitude from relativistic phase shift: PSR J0437-4715Gangadhara, R. T; Thomas, R. M. C
Aug-2011A Model for Simulating Realistic Profiles of PulsarsThomas, R. M. C; Gupta, Y; Gangadhara, R. T
Sep-2009Modeling of polarization of radio pulsarsGangadhara, R. T
1996Modelling sunspot equilibrium through a solution of the time dependent MHD equationsGangadhara, R. T; Hasan, S. S