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  • Lebzelter, T; Heiter, U; Abia, C; Eriksson, K; Ireland, M; Neilson, H; Nowotny, W; Maldonado, J; Merle, T; Peterson, R; Plez, B; Short, C. I; Wahlgren, G. M; Worley, C; Aringer, B; Bladh, S; de Laverny, P; Goswami, A; Mora, A; Norris, R. P; Recio-Blanco, A; Scholz, M; Thevenin, F; Tsuji, T; Kordopatis, G; Montesinos, B; Wing, R. F (EDP Sciences, 2012-11)
    Context. Our ability to extract information from the spectra of stars depends on reliable models of stellar atmospheres and appropriate techniques for spectral synthesis. Various model codes and strategies for the analysis ...
  • Garcia-Hernandez, D. A; Lambert, D. L; Kameswara Rao, N; Hinkle, K. H; Eriksson, K (Institute of Physics, 2010-05)
    We investigate the relationship between R Coronae Borealis (RCB) stars and hydrogen-deficient carbon (HdC) stars by measuring precise 16O/18O ratios for five cool RCB stars. The 16O/18O ratios are derived by spectrum ...

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