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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2019Are H0 and σ8 tensions generic to present cosmological data?Bhattacharyya, Archita; Alam, Ujjaini; Pandey, Kanhaiya L; Das, Subinoy; Pal, Supratik
Apr-2015Constraint on noncommutative spacetime from PLANCK dataJoby, P. K; Pravabati, C; Das, Subinoy
Nov-2017Constraints on dark matter models from the observation of Triangulum-II with the Fermi Large Area TelescopeBiswas, Sayan; Bhattacharjee, P; Majumdar, P; Das, Subinoy; Mousumi Das; Joarder, P. S
15-Apr-2017Constraints on dark matter scenarios from measurements of the galaxy luminosity function at high redshiftsCorasaniti, P. S; Agarwal, S; Marsh, D. J. E; Das, Subinoy
Jul-2017The effects of the small-scale behaviour of dark matter power spectrum on CMB spectral distortionSarkar, A; Sethi, S. K; Das, Subinoy
Apr-2016The effects of the small-scale DM power on the cosmological neutral hydrogen (HI) distribution at high redshiftsSarkar, A; Mondal, Rajesh; Das, Subinoy; Sethi, S. K; Bharadwaj, Somnath; Marsh, D. J. E
Jul-2015How CMB and large-scale structure constrain chameleon interacting dark energyBoriero, Daniel; Das, Subinoy; Wong, Yvonne Y. Y
Mar-2015How late can the dark matter form in our universe?Sarkar, A; Das, Subinoy; Sethi, Shiv K
Aug-2018On dark matter-dark radiation interaction and cosmic reionizationDas, Subinoy; Mondal, Rajesh; Vikram, R; Srikanth, S
15-Sep-2015Small scale clustering of late forming dark matterAgarwal, S; Corasaniti, P.-S; Das, Subinoy; Rasera, Y
15-Apr-2017Static structure of chameleon dark matter as an explanation of dwarf spheroidal galaxy coresDas, Subinoy; Prolay Krishna Chanda