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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Close binary stars with moderate size optical telescopeChaubey, U. S
2001Discovery of pulsations in HD 98851Joshi, S; Girish, V; Martinez, P; Sagar, R; Ashoka, B. N; Gupta, S. K; Seetha, S; Chaubey, U. S; Kurtz, D. W
1990Eclipsing binary research at Uttar Pradesh State ObservatorySrivastava, J. B; Chaubey, U. S; Pande, M. C
2001HD 12098 a new far-northern roAp starGirish, V; Joshi, S; Seetha, S; Ashoka, B. N; Martinez, P; Chaubey, U. S; Gupta, S. K; Kurtz, D. W; Sagar, R
1993Mass transfer in ALGOLS and its implications to the mass transfer theoryChaubey, U. S
2001Naini Tal-Cape survey for pulsating chemically peculiar stars - A status reportSeetha, S; Chaubey, U. S; Girish, V; Joshi, S; Ashoka, B. N; Gupta, S. K; Kurtz, D. W; Martinez, P; Sagar, R
Sep-2002New pulsating variables discovered from the Naini Tal-Cape surveySeetha, S; Ashoka, B. N; Joshi, S; Girish, V; Sagar, R; Chaubey, U. S; Gupta, S. K
1995On the magnitude variations of comet Swift-Tuttle (1992t)Padalia, T. D; Gupta, S. K; Chaubey, U. S; Srivastava, R. K
Sep-1984Revised elements and Evolutionary status of six eclipsing binary starsChaubey, U. S
2000Site characterization for the UPSO-TIFR telescopeSagar, R; Uddin, W; Pandey, A. K; Stalin, C. S; Mohan, V; Sanwal, B. B; Gupta, S. K; Yadav, R. K. S; Durgapal, A. K; Joshi, S; Kumar, B; Gupta, A. C; Joshi, Y; Srivastava, J. B; Chaubey, U. S; Singh, M; Pant, P; Gupta, K. G; Padalia, T. D
1996Spectrophotometry of RZ CASChaubey, U. S
2000Survey for roAp stars in the northern sky from Naini TalAshoka, B. N; Seetha, S; Raj, E; Chaubey, U. S; Gupta, S. K; Joshi, S; Martinez, P; Kurtz, D. W; Sagar, R; Kasturirangan, K
1993UBV photometry of comet Swift-Tuttle (1992t)Padalia, T. D; Gupta, S. K; Srivastava, R. K; Chaubey, U. S
Mar-1984UBV photometry of two eclipsing binary starsChaubey, U. S; Singh, Mahendra