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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2011Analysis of Coronal Green Line Profiles: Evidence of Excess BlueshiftsRaju, K. P; Chandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M
2013Analysis of the solar coronal green line profiles from eclipse observationsMaya Prabhakar; Raju, K. P; Chandrasekhar, T
1996CCD imaging of Jupiter during its impact with Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 : Observations from JaisalmerTej, A; Chandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Ragland, S; Mathur, S. N; Jain, J
Mar-2019Characteristics of the solar coronal line profiles from Fabry–Perot interferometric observationsMaya Prabhakar; Raju, K. P; Chandrasekhar, T
Jun-1980Coronal Interferogram in 5303A Obtained During Total Solar Eclipse of February 16, 1980 and Coronal TemperaturesChandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Desai, J. N; Vaidya, D. B; Angreji, P. D
1996Detection of circumstellar dust shell around supergiant TV GEM from milliarcsecond resolution near infrared observationsRagland, S; Chandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M
Feb-1984Fabry-Perot interferometric observations of the coronal red and green lines during the 1983 Indonesian eclipseChandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Desai, J. N; Pasachoff, J. M; Sivaraman, K. R
1983High altitude atmospheric water vapour measurements in the Himalayan regionChandrasekhar, T; Sahu, K. C; Desai, J. N
Sep-2002High angular resolution structures in the dust shell surrounding WR 104 from lunar occultation observations at 2.2 µmMondal, S; Chandrasekhar, T
Jun-1988High-resolution studies of forbidden O I and NH2 line emissions at 6300 A in Halley's cometPrasad, C. D; Chandrasekhar, T; Desai, J. N; Ashok, N. M; Sivaraman, K. R; Rajmohan, R
Sep-2002Imaging Fabry-Perot observations of green coronal line during the total solar eclipse of 21 June 2001Chandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Anandarao, B. G
Jun-2005Infrared spectroscopy of Jovian auroraeGeorge, K; Chandrasekhar, T
2003Lunar Occulations with Infrared ArraysChandrasekhar, T; Shah, R; Mondal, S
Jun-2005Lunar occultations in the near infrared: achievements and new challengesChandrasekhar, T
1993Near infrared coronal line emission in nova Herculis 1991Chandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Ragland, S
1993Near infrared high angular resolution observations of stars and circumstellar regions by the technique of lunar occultationsChandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Sam Ragland
1998Near infrared occultation studies of late type stars and circumstellar regions from Gurushikhar observatoryChandrasekhar, T
1993Near infrared photometry of unassociated IRAS point sources in the zodiacal beltAshok, N. M; Chandrasekhar, T; Ragland, S; Watson, P. V
1999Near IR lunar occultation observations and results from Gurushikhar observatoryChandrasekhar, T
1996Near-infrared observations of nova Aquilae 1995Kamath, U. S; Ashok, N. M; Chandrasekhar, T