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  • Alam, S; Albareti, F. D; Prieto, C. A; Anders, F; Anderson, S. F; Anderton, T; Andrews, B. H; Armengaud, E; Aubourg, E; Bailey, S; Basu, S; Bautista, J. E; Beaton, R. L; Beers, T. C; Bender, C. F; Berlind, A. A; Beutler, F; Bhardwaj, V; Bird, J. C; Bizyaev, D; Blake, C. H; Blanton, M. R; Blomqvist, M; Bochanski, J. J; Bolton, A. S; Bovy, J; Bradley, A. S; Brandt, W. N; Brauer, D. E; Brinkmann, J; Brown, P. J; Brownstein, J. R; Burden, A; Burtin, E; Busca, N. G; Cai, Z; Capozzi, D; Rosell, A. C; Carr, M. A; Carrera, R; Chambers, K. C; Chaplin, W. J; Chen, Y-C; Chiappini, C; Chojnowski, S. D; Chuang, C-H; Clerc, N; Comparat, J; Covey, K; Croft, R. A. C; Cuesta, A. J; Cunha, K; da Costa, L. N; Da Rio, N; Davenport, J. R. A; Dawson, K. S; De Lee, N; Delubac, T; Deshpande, R; Dhital, S; Dutra-Ferreira, L; Dwelly, T; Ealet, A; Ebelke, G. L; Edmondson, E. M; Eisenstein, D. J; and 237 coauthors; Sivarani, T (IOP Publishing, 2015-07-20)
    The third generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III) took data from 2008 to 2014 using the original SDSS wide-field imager, the original and an upgraded multi-object fiber-fed optical spectrograph, a new ...
  • Tominaga, N; Tanaka, M; Nomoto, K; Mazzali, P. A; Deng, J; Maeda, K; Umeda, H; Modjaz, M; Hicken, M; Challis, P; Kirshner, R. P; Wood-Vasey, W. M; Blake, C. H; Bloom, J. S; Skrutskie, M. F; Szentgyorgyi, A; Falco, E. E; Inada, N; Minezaki, T; Yoshii, Y; Kawabata, K; Iye, M; Anupama, G. C; Sahu, D. K; Prabhu, T. P (The American Astronomical Society, 2005-11-10)
    Observations and modeling for the light curve (LC) and spectra of supernova (SN) 2005bf are reported. This SN showed unique features: the LC had two maxima, and declined rapidly after the second maximum, while the spectra ...

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