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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1993Anomalous dust in the environment of Herbig Ae/Be starsGorti, U; Bhatt, H. C
2000Binary star clusters in galaxies : Our galaxySubramaniam, A; Gorti, U; Sagar, R; Bhatt, H. C
2010Bright-rimmed clouds and Young Stellar Objects in IC 1396Choudhury, R; Bhatt, H. C
Apr-1989Capture of field stars by molecular cloudsBhatt, H. C
Aug-2007Champagne flow and triggered star formation in NGC 1893Maheswar, G; Sharma, S; Biman, J. M; Pandey, A. K; Bhatt, H. C
Jun-2002Circumstellar disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars: Polarization, outflows and binary orbitsMaheswar, G; Manoj, P; Bhatt, H. C
Sep-2002Circumstellar environment around young stars in nearby OB associationsManoj, P; Maheswar, G; Bhatt, H. C
Apr-1989CN 1-1 - A bipolar type I planetary nebulaBhatt, H. C
Nov-1986CN 1-1 - A peculiar compact planetary nebulaBhatt, H. C; Mallik, D. C. V
Jul-2011Disks around young stellar objectsBhatt, H. C
21-Oct-2016Dissecting galaxies: spatial and spectral separation of emission excited by star formation and AGN activityDavies, R. L.; Groves, B; Kewley, L. J; Dopita, M. A; Hampton, E. J; Shastri, P; Scharwachter, J; Sutherland, R; Kharb, P; Bhatt, H. C; Jin, C; Banfield, J; Zaw, I; James, B; Juneau, S; Srivastava, Shweta
1993Dust around Herbig Ae/Be stars: IRAS low resolution spectraBhatt, H. C; Gorti, U
Jan-1996Dynamics of embedded protostar clusters in cloudsGorti, U; Bhatt, H. C
Jan-1995Effect of gas drag on the dynamics of protostellar clumps in molecular cloudsGorti, U; Bhatt, H. C
Jun-1991Emission-line CCD imaging of three southern symbiotic starsBhatt, H. C; Sagar, R
Jun-2008Enhanced luminosity of young stellar objects in cometary globulesMaheswar, G; Bhatt, H. C
1-Jun-1993Enhanced star formation in the cometary globules of the GUM nebulaBhatt, H. C
10-Dec-2006Evolution of emission line activity in intermediate mass young starsManoj, P; Bhatt, H. C; Maheswar, G; Muneer, S
Oct-2007An Evolved Disk Surrounding the Massive Main-Sequence Star MWC 297?Manoj, P; Ho, P. T. P; Ohashi, N; Zhang, Q; Hasegawa, T; Chen, H - R; Bhatt, H. C; Ashok, N. M
Sep-2000High-latitude molecular clouds and near-by OB associationsBhatt, H. C