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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014C1XS results-First measurement of enhanced sodium on the lunar surfaceAthiray, P. S; Narendranath, S; Sreekumar, P; Grande, M
Mar-2014Direct evidence of enhanced sodium content on the moon around tycho region: C1XS observations.Athiray, P. S; Kusuma, K. N; Narendranath, S; Sreekumar, P
May-2014Elemental abundances in the solar corona as measured by the X-ray solar monitor onboard Chandrayaan-1Narendranath, S; Sreekumar, P; Alha, L; Sankarasubramanian, K; Huovelin, J; Athiray, P. S
Dec-2013Experimental validation of XRF inversion code for Chandrayaan-1Athiray, P. S; Sudhakar, M; Tiwari, M. K; Narendranath, S; Lodha, G. S; Deb, S. K; Sreekumar, P; Dash, S. K
Jan-2018Multilayer mirror-based soft x-ray polarimeter for astronomical observationsPanini, S. S; Sreekumar, P; Marshall, H. L; Narendranath, S; Nayak, M; Athiray, P. S
May-2016New views of southern nearside lunar highland composition from the chandrayaan-1 x-ray spectrometer (C1XS)Athiray, P. S; Narendranath, S; Sreekumar, P
Mar-2014Observations of the geotail while in lunar orbit by the Chandryaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS)Narendranath, S; Tadeppalli, S. P; Athiray, P. S; Misra, A; Sreekumar, P
Nov-2015Simulating charge transport to understand the spectral response of Swept Charge DevicesAthiray, P. S; Sreekumar, P; Narendranath, S; Gow, J. P. D
Oct-2016Soft x-ray imager using multilayer mirror optics for martian exospheric studiesPanini, S. S; Narendranath, S; Sreekumar, P; Athiray, P. S; Nayak, M
May-2015Study of lunar surface chemistry using Swept charge devicesAthiray, P. S