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  • Britto, R. J; Acharya, B. S; Anupama, G. C; Bhatt, N; Bhattacharjee, P; Bhattacharya, S. S; Chitnis, V. R; Cowsik, R; Dorji, N; Duhan, S. K; Gothe, K. S; Kamath, P. U; Koul, R; Mahesh, P. K; Mitra, A; Nagesh, B. K; Parmar, N. K; Prabhu, T. P; Rannot, R. C; Rao, S. K; Saha, L; Saleem, F; Saxena, A. K; Sharma, S. K; Shukla, A; Singh, B. B; Srinivasan, R; Srinivasulu, G; Sudersanan, P. V; Tickoo, A. K; Tsewang, D; Upadhya, S; Vishwanath, P. R; Yadav, K. K (French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2010-12)
    For several decades, it was thought that astrophysical sources emit high energy photons within the energy range of the gamma-ray region of the lectromagnetic spectrum also. These photons originate from interactions of high ...

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