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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015The dust content and radiation fields of sample of galaxies in the ELAIS-N1 fieldShalima, P; Gogoi, R; Pathak, A; Misra, R; Gupta, R; Vaidya, D. B
24-Oct-2013Dust properties from GALEX observations of a UV halo around SpicaShalima, P; Murthy, J; Gupta, R
Nov-2005Dust Properties in the Far-Ultraviolet in OphiuchusSujatha, N. V; Shalima, P; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C
Oct-2015Ejecta curtain radiative transfer modeling for probing its geometry and dust optical propertiesShalima, P; Wada, K; Kimura, H
Jun-2019The environments of accreting supermassive black holes in the nearby universe: a brief overview of the southern seyfert spectroscopic snapshot survey (S7)Shastri, P; Dopita, M; Banfield, J; Thomas, A; Longbottom, F; Sundar, M. N; Chetna Duggal; Groves, B; Kharb, P; Davies, R; Kewley, L; Lalitha, S; Hampton, E; Shalima, P; James, B; S7 collaboration
Apr-2006Far-ultraviolet scattering by dust in OrionShalima, P; Sujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C; Sahnow, D. J
Aug-2007Measurement of Dust Optical Properties in Coalsack NebulaSujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Shalima, P
Aug-2004Modelling of dust scattering toward the CoalsackShalima, P; Murthy, J
Oct-2010Modelling the diffuse ultraviolet radiation observed by Dynamics Explorer 1Shalima, P; Murthy, J; Fix, J. D
Sep-2017Probing the Physics of Narrow-line Regions in Active Galaxies. IV. Full Data Release of the Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey (S7)Thomas, A. D; Dopita, M. A; Shastri, P; Davies, R; Hampton, E; Kewley, L; Banfield, J; Groves, B; James, B. L; Jin, C; Juneau, S; Kharb, P; Lalitha, S; Scharwachter, J; Shalima, P; Sundar, M. N; Sutherland, R; Zaw, I
Aug-2005Studies of Interstellar DustShalima, P
Jun-2009TAUVEX flight calibrations: Plans and challengesSafonova, M; Shalima, P; Murthy, J