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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2017Investigating the in-flight performance of the UVIT payload on AstroSatRahna, P. T; Murthy, J; Safonova, M; Sutaria, F. K; Gudennavar, S. B; Bubbly, S. G
Jul-2017JUDE: an ultraviolet imaging telescope pipeline☆Murthy, J; Rahna, P. T; Sutaria, F. K; Safonova, M; Gudennavar, S. B; Bubbly, S. G
Apr-2013Large scale extinction maps with UVITRavichandran, S; Preethi, K; Safonova, M; Murthy, J
Jun-2013Mapping extinction using GALEX and SDSS photometric observationsPreethi, K; Gudennavar, S. B; Murthy, J
Dec-2010Mapping the Diffuse Ultraviolet Sky with the Galaxy Evolution ExplorerMurthy, J; Henry, R. C; Sujatha, N. V
Aug-2007Measurement of Dust Optical Properties in Coalsack NebulaSujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Shalima, P
21-Jul-2016Measurements of gondola motion on a stratospheric balloon flightSafonova, M; Nirmal, K; Sreejith, A. G; Mayuresh, Sarpotdar; Ambily, S; Prakash, A; Mathew, J; Murthy, J; Anand, D; Kapardhi, B. V. N; Suneel Kumar, B; Kulkarni, P. M
Sep-2004A model of the stellar radiation field in the UVSujatha, N. V; Chakraborty, P; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C
21-Jun-2016Modelling dust scattering in our galaxyMurthy, J
Aug-2004Modelling of dust scattering toward the CoalsackShalima, P; Murthy, J
Oct-2010Modelling the diffuse ultraviolet radiation observed by Dynamics Explorer 1Shalima, P; Murthy, J; Fix, J. D
2001MSX Observations of Diffuse UV Emission in OrionMurthy, J; Henry, R. C; Paxton, L. J; Price, S. D
2001Multiwavelength observations of interstellar dustMurthy, J
1-Jan-2015The mystery of the cosmic diffuse ultraviolet background radiationHenry, R. C; Murthy, J; Overduin, James; Tyler, Joshua
Jun-2015Near ultraviolet spectrograph for balloon platformSreejith, A. G; Safonova, M; Murthy, J
Jul-2016Near UV imager with an MCP-based photon counting detectorAmbily, S; Mathew, J; Mayuresh, Sarpotdar; Sreejith, A. G; Nirmal, K; Prakash, A; Safonova, M; Murthy, J
Jul-2016Noise modeling and analysis of an IMU-based attitude sensor: improvement of performance by filtering and sensor fusionNirmal, K; Sreejith, A. G; Mathew, J; Mayuresh, Sarpotdar; Ambily, S; Prakash, A; Safonova, M; Murthy, J
15-Mar-2014O VI absorption in the milky way along the large magellanic cloud lines of sightSarma, R; Pathak, A; Pradhan, A. C; Murthy, J; Sarma, J. K
20-Jul-2006O VI Asymmetry and an Accelerated Outflow in an Obscured Seyfert: FUSE and HST STIS Spectroscopy of Mrk 533Shastri, P; Murthy, J; Whittle, Mark; Wills, B. J
10-Dec-2011Observations of Far-ultraviolet Diffuse Emission from the Small Magellanic CloudPradhan, A. C; Murthy, J; Pathak, A